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Loud Shirt Day

Loud ShirtHey furry friends get your freak on and tell your boss that Casual Fridays are out and Loud Fridays are in once every year as you’re showing your support for the deaf and hearing-impaired children.

I’m in the midst of persuading my office manager to get everyone at work to turn out looking like a clown, lose a multi-million dollar deal and piss off major clients but who gives a stuff when all the adorable kids out there have a buttress of strength and support to fall on to.

Jokes aside, deafness is a disability that’s close to my heart for family reasons so sign up for the participation kit from their official website, throw on something you’ve not won since Halloween circa 1990 and raise funds for all participating foundations.

What’s all the fuss about?!

I’m possibly the only Victorian who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Underbelly. I care about it so much, I haven’t even seen it. At my housewarming party several weeks ago, the blokes were sitting around the barbie talking about which mafia leader eating what pasta dish at that Lygon Street joint.

I guess that’s completely relevant ‘coz they grew up in Melbourne and Mr ABC of ABC Drug Cartel used to make headlines and they grew up watching and reading up on them on the media. Perhaps they left out how they spent $10 a week on dope from the local deli just round the corner from here.

The only gangland killers I know are the teenage wannabes from Merrylands High School who surrendered themselves to the coppers the moment they turned up. What idiots. They didn’t even get to damage some public property before they were arrested. Pfft.

But hey, looks like Underbelly will now be shown in other parts of the world. That might just spur me to watch it at your nearest pay-per-view channel in Asia when I visit my relos. Yup, ‘coz that’s so much easier than driving to my mate’s place in NSW for the same reason.

adrock2xander still hasn’t seen Underbelly.

Melbourne hates the Western suburbs

Oh boy Melbourne really likes fucking with the Western suburbs. Have you guys not noticed how bad news from the supposedly richer and more Anglo (read: less immigrants) Eastern suburb is always lame one liners like ‘Missing Dog Found’ or ‘Fire In Camberwell Put Out No One Is Seriously Injured’ but news from the Western suburbs always come out bad.

‘Woman Found Murdered And Dumped In Footscray’

‘Gang Fight In Sunshine Believed To Be Racially Motivated’

And I remember reading this in the papers once, it went something along the lines of:

‘I was sitting in Sunshine train station, where the bus depot is, and I saw gangs of Vietnamese and Africans sitting in groups. Sunshine and the Western Suburb is a dangerous place to live. The difference races do not integrate and they clash often.’ – some bloody politician

It infuriates me when I see how biased the media is towards the Western Suburbs. I’ve been living here for over half a year now, and although I cannot say that it’s the safest area, the old rhetoric such as ‘OMG you live in Sunshine? You’re gona be fucking murdered.’ is so old.

The Western suburbs, particularly Footscray and Sunshine, have definitely cleaned up and if anything, young couples are looking towards these areas for their first homes.

But I digress.

Now would anyone believe me if I told you there’s a conspiracy by Connex to screw Western Suburbians as well?

Well, two things.

How else does one explain why at peak hour in Melbourne Central platform 3, there are 2 EMPTY trains leaving for Cragieburn within 5 minutes of each other while the PACKED LIKE SARDINES train leaving for the Sydenham line leaves every 20 minutes.

Also, why are there less Zone 1 stations in the Sydenham and Werribee lines compared to every other lines? People living in the North, East and Southern suburbs have Zone 1 stations extending as far as Huntingdale or Reservoir, while the Westies have to cough up Zone 2 fares. This isn’t so apparent along the Werribee line, as the first Zone 2 station – Aircraft – is considerably far away from the Melbourne City Loop. But along the Sydenham line, how is Ginnifer a Zone 2 stop? It’s only 9 stops out of the City Loop!

Here’s a link to the Connex train network and tell me I’m wrong!

New Years Resolutions

As 2007 is about to end, many people are compiling a list of New Years resolutions. One of my resolutions is to see more of Melbourne and to set a minimum goal of 5 things to see in 2008. This year I managed to cross off five things including seeing a film at the Moonlight Cinema, walking on the MCG, watching my first (and last) cricket match at the MCG, visiting the top of the Eureka Tower, and eating a Bogan Burger. Here’s my list of 8 things to see/do in 2008, to which I will strive to see at least 5:

1. See beer being created at the Carlton United Breweries.
Birthplace of my friend VB.

2. Have a drink at The Rooftop Bar / Cinema.

3. Stroll through the Immigration Museum.
We are a country almost entirely made up of fairly new immigrants.

4. Grab some food at Movida.
Supposedly some of the best food in the city.

5. Try the $15 Wagyu Beef Burger from Rockpool.

6. Sit in the Old Melbourne Gaol.

7. Observe art in the NGV.

8. Go on some rides at Luna Park.

Happy New Year.

Picture by Dr. Keats
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The Pacific shooting in Carlton North

UPDATE: Pictures from the shoot here.

Carlton North, the Hollywood of down under? In the past few years, there have been some big films shot in the area. Ghost Rider was partially shot in the Melbourne Cemetery and upcoming TV show Canal Road was filmed at a couple of houses in Drummond St. When I came home from work on Thursday I knew there was something amiss when 25 trucks were parked in various places between Rathdowne and Drummond St.

They are currently shooting the Tom Hanks / Steven Spielberg WWII mini series called The Pacific. The particular scene they are filming in Carlton North is apparently the story of the American soldiers R&R time after the war. Many came over here and “met” some of Melbourne’s Greek and Italian women. On Thursday, they were filming in a laneway off Fenwick St. The crews have come back today and according to sources they will be filming on Wednesday/Thursday Tuesday/Wednesday to shoot a scene on Rathdowne St, possibly at La Porchetta.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine has been playing one of the soldiers in movie and has been enjoying the long hours (12 hour days) of filming in Port Douglas (QLD). His pictures below.

Take a walk over to Carlton North on Wednesday Tuesday and catch some of the action.

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Forget the News …


Forget about the news! Get ready for the Video Games and Entertainment Expo in Melbourne this coming weekend. Starting on the 16th and finishing on the 18th, it promises lots of games and consoles to try.

Adult tickets are priced at $16 while a family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) will set you back $38.

Green Protest on a Sunday Afternoon

Coming into the city via train today, I noticed a few people in other carriages carrying the familiar triangular Australian Greens placards. It turned out there was a protest scheduled for today, with a range of groups getting involved, including the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Big Switch.

I counted at least 500 people outside the State Library at around midday, and there were definitely more than that (possibly as much as a 1000). They marched down Swanston Street to Federation Square. The main focus of the rally seemed to be environmental issues, such as climate change and nuclear waste. A few people walked around with DIY windmills attached to their backs, and one artistic person had a cartoon of John Howard playing the fiddle while the Earth burns in the background.

The atmosphere was pretty awesome. Some people went to some effort to dress hippily for the occasion. A group of people were dancing in front of a set of green-shirted drummers, and if it weren’t for the scorching sun beating down on everything, I would’ve joined in with them.

There was one camera that looked like a peice of professional equipment, so we might even see some sign of the protest’s existence on the commercial news channels (though they have ignored much bigger protests in the past…). Something like 300,000 Victorians put either the Greens or the Democrats as their first preference in the last Senate elections… here’s hoping that the current government’s fumbling on energy sources over the last four years will drive even more that way.

Another Melbourne Forum

W00t! It’s almost been a year since I last advertised last year’s Melbourne Forum – so there you go, they are looking at Kids in the City this year.

  • July 19th – A child friendly Melbourne
  • August 2nd – Suicide and Self-harm in the Young
  • August 16th – They don’t play like they used to?
  • August 30th – Sex, kids and advertising
  • September 13th- The great education debate
  • The Age Theatre, Lower Ground Level
    Melbourne Museum Victoria, 6.30-8pm
    Visit: for details
    Free but bookings essential 13 11 02 or

    Dalai Lama is Back

    As predicted last August, the Dalai Lama is here for his Australian Tour. You can pay a whopping $85 for two hours of his wisdom or go to his FREE talk being held at MC Labour Park (formerly Optus Oval) in Carlton North. A wise man would go to the free talk.

    June 8 9:30am Rod Laver Arena $85
    June 9 9:30am Rod Laver Arena $85
    June 9 3:00pm MC Labour Park FREE
    June 10 9:00am & 2pm Rod Laver Arena $85

    The Dalai Lama 2007 Australia Tour

    Picture via Obeythepurebreed

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    WIN a trip to space

    It seems like The Age has some extra cash laying around. I think this is the first time I have seen a company offer a free trip to space. I foresee a guy with a Collingwood jersey and a VB in his hand being the first Thanks Wilson first civilian Australian in space.Good Luck!

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