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Enjoy the snow!

With weather such as ours, we should do the best we can. Since it is still school holidays, why not take the kids out to the snow fields and enjoy the freeze? The snow cams at all the ski resorts are all showing white powder, snow I mean.

Ominous-looking clouds


Inauspicious dark clouds hanging really low across the suburb of Cairnlea. It’s been really wet and cold these few days. Don’t forget your umbrella or stylish raincoat when you head out! And above all, stay warm.

More fog

fog cairnlea

Just an add on to Darren’s fog post (and mine several days back). The annual Fog Festival has descended upon our shores again. Drive slowly and carefully, and remember, do not turn on those pesky high beams. Image was taken Sunday night in Cairnlea at 11.30pm, after dinner at a friend’s. The fog makes for pretty pictures, but vision’s obscured to less than 30 feet. As of this morning, the fog’s having a field day with communications and transport.

Good morning!

Cold and foggy

A 3 degree, foggy morning in Doncaster at 8.45AM last Thursday. It was so cold, even the breath coming out of my nose turned misty.

As it turned out, it was the coldest week of May in 27 years.

And we’re still several weeks away from winter. Eek! A precursor to Winter 2008?

Brrr…. cold, freezing cold nights

Spare a thought for those who have to venture out into the freezing nights or early mornings to go to work. The temperature are down into the single digits. Coupled with rain in the next couple of days, it will be really really cold!

Check out the current temperature for Victoria!

What a day, what a night!

So, how have all your day been? I witnessed the worst possible dust storm blowing from the west this morning, enjoyed the gale force wind that saw trees broken in halves. I have yet to witness a flying cow but the welcoming rain that followed was a blessing since my car was covered completely in dust. The Melbourne International Flower Show was cancelled and visitors were evacuated after falling branches hit several visitors. And that is just the weather.

The traffic … how long did it take you to drive/ride home? I saw the long traffic on the Calder snaking itself back into the city. I missed all the chaos on the Westgate bridge, and the traffic out of the city was really a standing room only carpark.

And as I was leaving the city this evening, I saw the police cordoning off the RACV building on Bourke Street. Fire in the kitchen? They aren’t having a good evening either.

A slow bake

I’m sitting naked in my chair, with my gut hanging out, fan at full speed directed at me. And I still feel like I’m in a sauna.

Best part is, I don’t care how unsexy I look now.

It’s 38 degrees outside now, but factor in the conducted heat coming in from the roof and the heat from the glass window, it’s easily about 45 degrees in the room now.

March in Melbourne truly is the most unpredictable time of the year. It was a top of 25 degrees a couple of days ago.

For dinner tonight, I’m having chicken burgers with a fried egg. I’m contemplating frying the egg with my trusty roof. Saves me some gas.

Deliver me from evil, I mean, the heat.

What the hell is everyone doing to keep themselves cool? Any suggestions that doesn’t involve taking another cold shower would be nice.

On a week such as this …

I want to

  1. Sit in a tub filled with ice.
  2. Sleep in a cool, quiet library.
  3. Live near a supermarket so that I can stay near the freezer section as long and as much as possible.
  4. Live in a cool dark cave. (BTW, do you know that a natural limestone cave stays a cool 18 degrees all the time?)

Off for a siesta!

Weather forecast for the week: HOT! HOT! HOT!

Cabs with no air-conditioning

Are rising fuel prices influencing cabbies to turn the air-conditioning off, and just wind the windows down? It seems like a common phenomenon now (I’ve been extensively using taxis this week) to have the wind blowing into your face. Asking for the air-conditioning to be turned on, seems to fall on deaf ears, with random silly excuses.

Summer is over?

Am I the only one or does everyone else thinks summer is over? The temperature for the past couple of days has been in the 20s and it drops to the low 10s in the early hours of the morning.

Brrrr ….

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