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Speed cameras out to get you

The Victorian Government has finally decided to set up a website that reveals the locations of all working fixed speed and red-light junction cameras. This is officially done to aid those wanting to challenge a fine, but may also potentially work to slow down speeding-wannabes (works both ways – it may cause them to avoid these cameras and speed along another road, but in doing so they are also being kept out of the busiest/most hazardous junctions).

Personally, it amuses me to watch cars getting speed-trapped when they try to beat the amber/red along the Victoria St./Swanston St. junction. Anyone also noticed that the Department of Justice is sited on that junction? (And its address is 444 Swanston St. – in most Chinese dialects, that is death repeated three times.)

Link to Cameras Cut Crashes website.

Google Street View Goes Live

streetview1.jpgTo think it was only two years ago, that everyone was excited by the ability to search for addresses in Google Maps. A year and a half ago, the company added driving directions. In it’s final stage in catching up with the rest of the world, they have released Street View for Australia. Street View for those not familar with it, is the ability to see ground level pictures layered on the map. In other words, type in your home address and more than likely you will see the front of your house.

There has been much controversy in the U.S. with Street View’s ability to pick up clear details of people walking on the street. With the Australian launch, they were able to use an automated blurring program that will blur licence plates and faces. It does seem to work well but the program has also blurred a lot of other random objects. Have a look at a few places of interests around Melbourne:


View of the Yarra from St. Kilda Road

Google Car taking a picture of a woman taking a picture of Luna Park


Eureka Tower looking up

In the Domain Tunnel

Nyun Nyun Restaurant, Smith St, Collingwood (Hmm…spell check?)

Update: How could I forget Ramsay Street   [via Google Maps Mania]

Tram Tracking Map shows the estimated positions of trams in Melbourne. You just pick the route and watch the tram dots slowly move along the roads. The site also features interactive timetables so you can plan your trip accordingly. The one thing that is missing is real time tram information, something I don’t think Yarra Trams would be keen to release as they have their own revenue stream through their TramTracker product. It would be interested to see how the real time map would look compared to this one. Most likely all the dots would be clumped in one section and then a big space between the next closest dot.

Links: [via Digg]


Loud Shirt Day

Loud ShirtHey furry friends get your freak on and tell your boss that Casual Fridays are out and Loud Fridays are in once every year as you’re showing your support for the deaf and hearing-impaired children.

I’m in the midst of persuading my office manager to get everyone at work to turn out looking like a clown, lose a multi-million dollar deal and piss off major clients but who gives a stuff when all the adorable kids out there have a buttress of strength and support to fall on to.

Jokes aside, deafness is a disability that’s close to my heart for family reasons so sign up for the participation kit from their official website, throw on something you’ve not won since Halloween circa 1990 and raise funds for all participating foundations.

He who stands for nothing

And now he sacks the both of them. Its all over the news. Ted Baillieu had his liberal party sacked two staff who dared write a blog against him. I can’t even read it because one needs to be invited. The crime committed is not letting the public have a read!

Liberal? My foot!

News Links
Herald Sun’s “Traitors sacked over Baillieu mud

Blog site in offence “He who stands for nothing

Temptation Island Australia

Casting for Temptation IslandI’ve always enjoyed a little bit of decadence in my lifestyle, and being a member of Sensual Ball satisfies that little bit of egotism in me. Granted, I don’t partake in any of the sexual cruises or swinging parties that dot their itinerary. But it’s always interesting to find out what the other side of the fence has in stall for the ‘unfortunate’ ones.

Several weeks ago I received an email from Sensual Ball alerting me to the casting of Australia’s version of Temptation Island. I had a good laugh upon looking at the application forms (both singles and couples). I thought they’re really thorough and professional. Well, when you’re messing around with the lives and relationships of people who’re committed to each other, you leave no stone unturned.

Here’re some of the questions:

1) Can you imagine being unfaithful to your partner under any circumstances?

2) Why are members of the opposite sex attracted to you?

3) Why are you a great partner?

Just for chuckles I submitted my application form (for singles). Every reality show needs the obligatory Asian who gets voted out within the first two weeks.

Check it out guys and send in your applications. Who knows you might just end up on TV with me :O

NOTE: Sensual Ball website is not safe for work.

EDIT: Argh I just found out that the deadline for applications falls on the 27th. What a pity.

Victoria: World’s Best Everything Map

Click for Enlarged Picture

It’s always easy to win an argument with a Sydneysider over whose city reigns supreme but is it going to our heads? Apparently so, according to this map recently posted on Strange Maps. Victoria has expanded into every state including making Tasmania, a big football field. While I doubt we have the world’s tallest buildings or the most millionaires, I can probably agree on world’s biggest wombat, world’s biggest kangaroo and certainly the world’s hungriest rabbits. The rabbit infestation doesn’t seem to be a problem as it appears we have sent all the rabbits to NSW.

Strangemaps: Victoria Victorious Over Rest Of Australia

On a side note for map lovers, I have finally checked out Mapland, a store in Little Bourke street dedicated to maps. They are the oldest map shop in Australia; founded in 1870. The store is chock full of maps from around the world and is staffed by extremely knowledgeable and helpful people.


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Collect $200 when you pass GO!

Should we or should we not vote for Melbourne on the first Monopoly’s Global board game? Right now we have a chance to vote for countries to be added onto a global monopoly boardgame. The Age has an article stating that Melbourne has only received 1% of the vote so far. The article also suggested that Melbournians should not vote to be included. On the other hand, I think Herald Sun is supporting the vote because this week they have the Herald Sun Monopoly Competition.

So, if you want to vote for Melbourne, get on the website!

Celebrate Australia Day

Today heralds the celebration of Australia Day. There are plenty of events happening around Victoria, starting with the fireworks tonight and it goes through the entire long weekend, ending with the “Great Australian Duck Race” on the Yarra River.

I don’t think anything describes Australia more than the traditional long weekend. And nothing describes the attitude of Australians better than a rubber duck race! An event that benefits the Australian Lifesavers!

Australian Open: Online and Off

Stuck at work without access to a tv? MyP2P has links to live streams of sports including the Australian Open. All you have to do is install one of the streaming applications such as SOPCast, then just click on the appropriate link on MyP2P. The quality is quite good depending on the speed and reliability of your connection. Best part is that it is free.

As for my offline life, I’m planning on getting a ground pass to Melbourne Park for Friday. Anyone have any recommendations or tips for seeing the tennis?

Beginners Guide to MyP2P streaming video
Live Australian Open Streams

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