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Overheard this morning…

“Get out of the train! This is White Australia!” yelled a (possibly drunk and fare evading) bogan at two Asian ticket inspectors on the Watergardens-bound line.

Best part is, not only did the ticket inspectors ignore him, they didn’t even ask for his ticket.

Well I never. Job well done there guys.

No morning commission I guess.

Singapore Day

The weather’s a lot nicer these days (though it still warrants a light jumper), so if you happen to be around the Sidney Myer Music Bowl this late morning or arvo, check out some local and distinctive Singaporean fare at Singapore Day 2008. Note the choice words of Singaporean, not Asian. Asian food is so varied and colourful, calling it ‘Asian food’ like most Asian food stalls do is just another nail into an Australian’s stereotyped penchance for ‘fried rice beef with black bean sauce’ when they think Asian food.

But I digress.

With the inaugural Singapore Day in New York City a runaway success last year, organisers have brought Singapore Day into our antipodean shores. Although registration is required, there should be no reason why you can just waltz up into the grounds as entry is free.

Oh btw, Singapore Noodles DO NOT EXIST. That’s a bastardised version of our famous Prawn Noodles and Hokkien Mee. I’ll be making my way to the grounds soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a ‘Singapore Noodle’ stall existed. Or some ignorant foreigner walking around asking for a Singapore Noodle stall.

Redneck in da house! Fo shizzle!

TerriHey I’m all for publicity, controversy and ratings, but Big Brother 2008 has definitely gone out of its way to make itself ‘different’ this year.

Turn on our tellies and you’d not have missed this friendly-looking grandmother who professed that ‘Religion is the root of all evil’. Click on the Big Brother website and her profile indicates she’s a right wing Pauline Hanson fan. There’s also an accusation of migrant people coming into this country with all their problems. Just, wow. Well done Channel Ten. You can’t top that.

If BB2008 ever needed an ambassador for their show, Terri’s the one. Terri is a warm, friendly and caring person, who has views and opinions just like anyone else. I believe Channel Ten has gotten it right this year, with its eclectic lineup of (boring people notwithstanding) one metre tall belly dancer, a high pitched-sounding bloke, a tattooed UFO believer who looks like a sex maniac and the obligatory Asian. Oh, and don’t forget Mr Corey ‘I don’t give a fuck I was just having fun’ Worthington who is rumoured to be an intruder to the house. I wonder if he’s apologised to his parents for all the embarrassment he’s put them through.

Speaking of Asian, the look on Terri’s face was priceless when Nobbie first walked into the room. And it’s hilarious she voted for Nobbie ‘coz he’s too ‘touchy-feeley’. I guess she’s never really been loved by her husband before.

I’m sad she ended up being the first to be voted out.

Racism, we have no room for that in the society we live in.

And BB2008.


PS: adrock2xander has never cared for BB. With Terri’s eviction, there’s one less thing for him to talk about.

Temptation Island Australia

Casting for Temptation IslandI’ve always enjoyed a little bit of decadence in my lifestyle, and being a member of Sensual Ball satisfies that little bit of egotism in me. Granted, I don’t partake in any of the sexual cruises or swinging parties that dot their itinerary. But it’s always interesting to find out what the other side of the fence has in stall for the ‘unfortunate’ ones.

Several weeks ago I received an email from Sensual Ball alerting me to the casting of Australia’s version of Temptation Island. I had a good laugh upon looking at the application forms (both singles and couples). I thought they’re really thorough and professional. Well, when you’re messing around with the lives and relationships of people who’re committed to each other, you leave no stone unturned.

Here’re some of the questions:

1) Can you imagine being unfaithful to your partner under any circumstances?

2) Why are members of the opposite sex attracted to you?

3) Why are you a great partner?

Just for chuckles I submitted my application form (for singles). Every reality show needs the obligatory Asian who gets voted out within the first two weeks.

Check it out guys and send in your applications. Who knows you might just end up on TV with me :O

NOTE: Sensual Ball website is not safe for work.

EDIT: Argh I just found out that the deadline for applications falls on the 27th. What a pity.

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