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Human Powered Cycles new shop opening party!

Human Powered Cycles promote and foster sustainable transport with the skill, experience and tooling to repair not replace. As well as their commercial venture and its new shop in Thornbury, there is their community bike work organisation called Community Cycles (38 Harrison Street Brunswick East). Here they coordinate the Charity Bike Project where unloved bike and bike part donations go towards providing transport for Asylum Seekers, refugees, newly arrived migrants, unemployed and homeless persons, as well as low cost transport for struggling students and concession holders. On Mondays volunteers come and help refurbish donated bikes for this project. Community Cycles (as well as Human Powered Cycles) accepts these bike donations any day they are open, so if you have a bike not being used or in disrepair, this is a good place for it.

Help them celebrate the opening of their new shop at 562 High Street, Thornbury tonight from 6pm.

GO Bike expo starts today

Opening today 4-8pm and running until Sunday (open 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday), the GO Bike expo is at the Alexandra Gardens and exhibits bicycle rides (events and destinations) and new bicycle products.

While you are there, you can complete a (free) entry form at the expo to go into the draw to win a TREK Madone 5.2 Pro road bike.

More information can be found at the Bicycle Victoria GO Bike expo page.

Melbourne sans car #6: Commuting by bicycle

Want to join a club where you get fit, meet new people, and help the environment? Where you can spend time exploring Melbourne and enjoying the scenery? Where you will feel a part of a growing community? But this club is different: there are no membership fees, no forms to sign, no numbers to ring. The club I’m talking about is the growing number of people chosing to cycle to work at least one day a week, and those who already ride to work will know that its hard not to feel a part of something at peak times along the major routes, amongst the two wheel commuters.

If you are looking to give cycling to work a try, and just need an extra bit of motivation, tomorrow (Wednesday, October 15) is National Ride to Work Day. This day is all about encouraging new starters to give cycling to work a try, as well as a celebration of what it means to choose a human powered active form of transport, for everyone who cycles. If its your first go at it, you won’t be alone. There will be many others trying cycle commuting for the first time throughout Australia on the same day. It may be that you’ve tried it before and want to get back into it. Its the perfect day for that. There are many community breakfasts being held across Australia tomorrow morning to give you a nice tasty reward for your cycle in. The biggest community breakfast in Melbourne is held at Federation Square in the CBD. For other options, check out the list of Community breakfasts being held around Victoria.

Ride To Work

So what else do you need to know to ride to work? There are a lot of resources around to answer this question. (more…)

Melbourne sans car #5: Shopping by bike

Back in July the Herald Sun included an article titled “Lazy shoppers fuelling environment woes by driving” which claims “Shoppers too lazy to walk to the supermarket add nearly 1.9m tonnes to our greenhouse gas emissions each year”.

Those who live within a few kilometres of their local shopping areas can quite easily forego these short trip emissions by leaving the car at home and cycling to the shops instead. Typically this will mean you also leave the aggrivation of finding a park behind, as many shopping centres provide bicycle racks closer to the doors than even the closest car park (or failing that have suitable things to lock to near the doors). One of the other benefits of shopping by bike is you get to squeeze exercise time into your week at the same time, and if you happen to have a bike path along the way, it can be a great way to enjoy a bit of time out. (more…)

Melbourne sans car #4: Keeping your bicycle yours (anti-theft)

Most bicycles stolen in Victoria have been left unlocked. Half of bicycles stolen from the owner’s home, because most people don’t lock their bicycles at home. When a bicycle is stolen it is usually very difficult to recover.

Your best chances of keeping your bicycle is to lock it whenever you have to leave it, even if its only to duck into the shops, and most definitely when its at home or work.

In this post I’ll talk about:

1. How to lock it?
2. Where to lock it?
3. How tempting is your bike to thieves?
4. How identifiable is your bike?
5. Insuring your bike

Sunday 5th October: Melbourne Bicycle Polo Tournament

Bike Polo Tournament Poster

This Sunday, Melbourne’s first Bike Polo Tournament will be held at Carlton (next to the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Corner Rathdowne St and Queensbury St) from 12 noon.

If you’d like to enter, teams of three is $15, and individuals can enter for $5 (to be placed into a team). To register send an email to [at]

Spectators entry is free (of course), so even if you’re not up for a game its sure to be entertaining to watch.

For more details see the official site and there are some photos here.

Melbourne sans car #3: Bicycling Melbourne safely

A common misconception about cycling is that it’s dangerous. Well, getting on a bike may expose you to some danger, but so does doing anything. Bicycle Victoria has an article comparing cycling to other activities and the likelihood of injury to put it into perspective. It also talks about the dangers of “not cycling” if you have a sedentry lifestyle. What about the danger of not having the fun of cycling in your day? You might explode. That’s dangerous. But seriously, the benefits far outweight the risks, and the more cyclists there are out there, the safer it is.

Cycling in a safe way (no, not the supermarket) will ensure that any risks you take getting around on two wheels are dramatically reduced, and this blog entry aims to cover the ways to do this.

Melbourne sans car #2: Getting some wheels… bicycle wheels

Ceres Bike Shed

Melbourne’s ever growing bicycle culture means there are lots of people out there to help you get on a bike. What are some of the things you want to keep in mind before you find a bicycle just right for you?

The first thing to think about is what you plan to use the bike for? Commuting to work? Quick rides down to the shops, the movies, the pub or to your friends place? Weekend recreational rides? Off-road mountain assaults? Going everywhere and doing everything?

It’s fairly important to buy a bicycle that matches what the majority of your rides are likely to be, rather than what you think you want to use it for every now and again. If you’re heavy into off-road assaults, jumping things and muddy slippery rides, you will appreciate a mountain style bike with nobbly tires. But if you’re unlikely to need the fancy suspension and grippy tires in your urban travels, you’ll be glad to have a lighter bicycle with thinner, smoother tires, giving less rolling resistance.


Dreams on Wheels free exhibition: 12-19 August, Fed Square

Danish Bike

Bicycle culture fans will enjoy this free exhibition being held this month…

From the Australian Danish Embassy website:

The Dreams on Wheels exhibition will in the Atrium at Federation Square in Melbourne from 12 to 19 August. The exhibition is a showcase of Danish culture of cycling and innovative Danish bicycle design. This exhibition has been brought to Australia as part of celebrations marking the re-opening of the Royal Danish Embassy in Canberra.

Dreams on Wheels is curated by Thomas Ermacora, founder of Etikstudio, and has previously been shown at the Danish House in Paris, Danish Design Center in Copenhagen and Harbourfront Centre of Toronto.

Motivated by how a ‘cyclocentric’ approach to urban development can stimulate sustainable civic behaviour, the exhibition promotes cycling in a broader cultural context, displaying Danish urban cityscapes alongside urban visions for Australia by Danish architect Jan Gehl.

Ranging from family friendly to high tech, the bicycles exhibited include the Christiania bike, the LeitraVelomobile, Biomega designer bikes, the unique Mountain Goat, and ultimate classics from Velorbis.

Also on display are Copenhagen City Bikes, bicycles that are identical to those used in the Danish free bicycle program currently being adopted in Paris and considered for introduction in Australia.

Filmmaker and photographer Mikael Colville-Andersen contributes to the exhibition with a number of photographs documenting Copenhagen’s bicycle culture from his ongoing series.

Exhibition opening hours:
12 to 19 August 2008
Open all hours
Admission is free

The Atrium, Federation Square

More on Danish cycle culture can be found at:

Police Cracking Down on Bikers, Too

Jaywalkers aren’t the only ones catching the eye of law enforcement recently.

A friend of mine acquired an impressive $220 fine for turning left on red the other day. She was turning from a bike lane into another bike lane. An undercover cop pulled her over – complete with sirens – and gave her a stern talking to.

He said he noticed that she had looked for cars and pedestrians before making the left, but slapped her with the fine anyway.

He asked to see her license (she’s from Alberta, Canada). To add insult to injury, he wrote “American” at the top of her ticket. She was not impressed.

Seems as though her fine was a bit punitive. She said his demeanour completely changed once she started talking, and reckons if she was Australian she would have gotten off with a warning.

But keep your wits about you lawbreaking bikers, the Man is watching.

Hey, so what do you guys think? Should bikers have to follow the exact same rules as drivers? Or are they given some leeway by virtue of the fact that they (generally) cause less accidents and less damage should they be involved in a collision?

And if we want to count bikes as vehicles just like cars, what about vehicles and pedestrians in bike lanes – should they get tickets for impeding other vehicles?

I ask this having spent most of my ride home last night clearing groups of drunk people from my bike lane. (Confidential to the guy who shouted inexpicably, ‘Only a fa**ot would drive that bike’ – your hair was unbelievably atrocious.)

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