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The Rat Race ver. Melbourne


While perusing the Docklands website for a great place to eat, I chanced upon a great urban competition that will appeal to the adventurers-at-heart. Called the Rat Race, it’s the first time the race has left Britain and competitors wil, over two days, challenge themselves both physically and mentally. As a thrill-seeker and and outdoor junkie myself, I was thrilled. From the website:

Coming to Australia for the first time, the Rat Race sees competitors running, biking, climbing, kayaking, abseiling and navigating their way around the city in a course that is only revealed hours before they begin. Previous events have taken place in London, Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh, and 2008 sees the inaugural Melbourne event.


End of Summer Bike Rides This Week

Two fun events on this week:

Monday – Beach Ride

Meet 6:30pm outside Transport Bar, Federation Square. Fish and chips and swimming await you at the end of the ride.

If you email your mobile number to you’ll get an SMS about any other beach rides coming up (though this may be the last one for the season – who wants to swim when it’s cold!)

Thursday – Full Moon Ride to Gardiners Creek

If you want to join, take the organizer’s advice:

Catch the 7:20 p.m. train from Flinders St on the Belgrave Line (or 7:34 p.m. at Burnley Station) and meet at Blackburn at 8:00. Good moonlight with the moon rising at 7:25, and the 20th is also the equinox. Bring some food and beverages as there are not many shops on the way.

Nik of BikeFun (the group organising these two events) asked me to add this in case Metroblogging readers wanted more info:

Most rides go at a social pace, run rain or shine, and are free (like the streets themselves). BikeFun depends on people like you to create events and contribute to Melbourne’s creative bike community. Organise a ride (or whatever) and BikeFun will promote it. Email details to:

BikeFun Melbourne

Police Cracking Down on Bikers, Too

Jaywalkers aren’t the only ones catching the eye of law enforcement recently.

A friend of mine acquired an impressive $220 fine for turning left on red the other day. She was turning from a bike lane into another bike lane. An undercover cop pulled her over – complete with sirens – and gave her a stern talking to.

He said he noticed that she had looked for cars and pedestrians before making the left, but slapped her with the fine anyway.

He asked to see her license (she’s from Alberta, Canada). To add insult to injury, he wrote “American” at the top of her ticket. She was not impressed.

Seems as though her fine was a bit punitive. She said his demeanour completely changed once she started talking, and reckons if she was Australian she would have gotten off with a warning.

But keep your wits about you lawbreaking bikers, the Man is watching.

Hey, so what do you guys think? Should bikers have to follow the exact same rules as drivers? Or are they given some leeway by virtue of the fact that they (generally) cause less accidents and less damage should they be involved in a collision?

And if we want to count bikes as vehicles just like cars, what about vehicles and pedestrians in bike lanes – should they get tickets for impeding other vehicles?

I ask this having spent most of my ride home last night clearing groups of drunk people from my bike lane. (Confidential to the guy who shouted inexpicably, ‘Only a fa**ot would drive that bike’ – your hair was unbelievably atrocious.)

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