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Laverton Market, your one stop shopping destination

Laverton Market 1

Laverton Market 2

On the topic of the western suburbs (cheers squirt), and yours truly being a big western suburb fanboy, I’ve decided to sell something that’s quite close to many westies’ heart. Good ol’ Laverton Market.

The pictures here don’t do it justice, coz it was close to the end of the day, and there was an ominous gloom that threatened rain all day.

I’ve been to my fair share of markets, both within Australia and Asia, so I’ve seen some good ones. And some really bad ones. Laverton Market’s somewhere at the top. Great food (double beef patty, egg, bacon and vege burger for $5! Bargain!) and cheap everything. I bought six tubes of 160g Colgate toothpaste for a princely sum of $15. A computer corner table that’d fetch $300 at Officeworks was purchased for $60. A pair of second hand Asics football boots was going for $15, but I haggled and bought it for $10. Then there’s the ubiquitous jam donuts at $6 for 10. There’s a little bit of trash and treasure in every shop. I think if I tried really hard, I might just find a mint ’87 Cobra Commander going for cheap.

Laverton Market is located at 8-18 Leakes Road, Laverton. Open Saturdays and Sundays, 7am – 4pm

Petrol Watch!


On my way to work in Doncaster yesterday morning, the bus I was in got caught in a traffic stand still. Frustrated (as I was late for work), I wondered what the commotion was. Glancing ahead, I noticed a steady stream of cars filtering into the servo along Doncaster Road. With petrol prices averaging $1.50/L lately, disgruntled drivers are always on the look out for good deals.

Turns out, the servo had an offer going on. Holy shit, but am I right to assume $1.3950/L’s cheap in this dark petrol days? That’s the offer the servo had; the price was in neon colours. Hard to miss really.

What’s the best price you’ve seen while driving lately? I don’t drive (as I don’t own a car), so I won’t be the best judge. But I reckon $1.3950’s pretty darn cheap!

PS: In case you guys haven’t been paying attention to the news lately, the 4 cents you save on petrol when you present your docket from Coles isn’t saving you any money. In fact, you’re still paying more than the industry rates. Read here for more details.

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