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Melbourne Tram Book


“Not everyone has warm feelings for the trams – for example. motorists may view them with impatience,” explains the introduction.

While some Melburnians will agree with that statement, most will appreciate the beauty and charm of our iconic box on wheels.

The 80-page paperback is largely a pictorial essay but also has a couple of history lessons. There is even a chapter called “What tram is that?” – so if you have ever wanted to know how the control panels of a W-series and a C-class (we’re entering serious tram enthuasiasts kingdom here), this is the book for you.

More than 40 photographers and artists have contributed tram-related pics to the book, and it’s fair to say that if you are a fan of the City Circle, you’ll be in rusty tram track heaven.

The Melbourne Tram Book is out now.

Oh no …. the police are out again … Jaywalking

The police are out again this year. Watch out for them standing by the sidewalks, pretending to be sunning themselves … they are out catching jaywalkers.

According to the news, they are running their `Don’t Do Your Dash” campaign where this week(today and tomorrow), they will be giving out warnings to jaywalkers at major intersections around the city. And between the 26th and 28th March, they will be out between 8am and 4pm, imposing the $55 fine. So, if you are intent on jaywalking, do so outside those bewitching hours.

The police are also concerned that ipods and mobile phones are distracting pedestrians to the extent that they risk injuring themselves while crossing the streets. Do you think so? I think the risk is just as much as listening to walkmans(remember those huge devices?) as well as talking to fellow pedestrians while crossing the streets. Or watching changing billboards above buildings (that always gets to me).

News Link
Herald Sun “Ipods driving pedestrians to distractions

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