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More fog

fog cairnlea

Just an add on to Darren’s fog post (and mine several days back). The annual Fog Festival has descended upon our shores again. Drive slowly and carefully, and remember, do not turn on those pesky high beams. Image was taken Sunday night in Cairnlea at 11.30pm, after dinner at a friend’s. The fog makes for pretty pictures, but vision’s obscured to less than 30 feet. As of this morning, the fog’s having a field day with communications and transport.

"wtf… fog."

Nightmare on Elm Street.That was the message I got over MSN on Sunday evening. I was out the entire day though, and did notice the rather apparent foggy-ness, so I quickly dismissed my friend with a “been there, seen it” gesture.

Until I looked out my window.

And realised all I could see… was… wait – I could not actually see anything.

On the right was the junction of Swanston Street and Queensberry Street. I swore there are buildings on the sides and somewhere up the front.

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