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London, the Sporting Capital of the World


You shouldn’t miss out on this infamous speech made by London Mayor Boris Johnson at the London 2012 Hand-Over party after the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It’s incredibly funny, and made me wonder why Melbourne doesn’t have a Mayor Johnson-equivalent. Our bro John So’s alright, but let’s face it he probably needs a translator for us to understand him haha!

Melburnians take note: London is the Sporting Capital of the World. Or so says Mayor Johnson. What do you think?

And for all those who don’t get the ‘XXX is coming home’ bit, it’s a take on England’s ‘Football’s Coming Home’ song. The English football team is crap, yet we hear it every time England plays.

Foxtel Football Copout

I can’t understand why Foxtel did not purchase the rights to show all live matches of the European 2008 Football Championships. Even SBS, who has been such a staunch supporter of football all these years, are only showing eight selected games live. A phonecall to Foxtel revealed that for a Foxttel subscriber to watch the games live, one has to pay an extra $15 on Setanta Sports (one of the sports channels) to watch the game. What a load of hogwash. The Sports package is already costing me around $21/mth, and none of the channels are worth watching.

Fox Sports 1’s showing bloody live NRL games and Fox Sports 2’s showing bloody live AFL games. Fox Sports 3 was, until recently, interesting as the French Open was on. National Geographic Adventure is worth watching, but I don’t want to be reminded how beautiful Earth is and how lacking I am with holidays. ESPN and Fuel just loops loud, college rock music over a montage of supposedly ‘cool’ sports such as skateboarding and surfboarding. Pfft. And that channel devoted to horse racing…..don’t even get me start on it.

Seriously, who’d be watching these oval ball games or other channels at all when the Euro 2008’s going on. Hell, where are the priorities?! I know they’re broadcasting at different times with all Euro 2008 games shown in the middle of the night, but it shows the Foxtel executives’ – no doubt oval ball fans – myopic view of the one true game.

Of course, adrock2xander is not putting up with this racist football attitude. A couple of requests and de-activation later, I’ve unsubscribed my Sports channel and activated the Movies channel instead. I can always watch my football games via live streaming.

adrock2xander is still seething with anger.

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