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Blast destroys Connex ticket machine

The attack is the latest in a string of problems for rail operator Connex, which has been under commuter fire for heat and maintenance-related train delays and cancellations.

Here’s another reason why the State Government needs to get their farking act together, remove the ‘exclusiveness’ of premium stations at every major and have ALL stations throughout the network fitted with real human beings.

What’s the point of having fake cameras that do not record, ‘safe’ zones within a yellow box and an emergency red button when ALL other stations are unlit, heavily-graffittied, dirty, smelly and a magnet for trouble, bogans and gangs?

Lynne Kosky the Farkwit, out.

A minister who actually utilizes public transport facilities and understands the deep-seated resentment of Connex and all things public transport, in.

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Connex reports = Racist tripe

So our stations are dangerous coz it’s the State Government does not care enough to upgrade our woeful Third World public transport system. Wow thank you Captain Obvious; I’ve been telling my missus to watch herself as those small unmanned stations are a magnet for terrorist bombs, gangs, unseen assailants or something tragic waiting to happen. Other than stations in the City Loop and major stations, it’s a free-for-all out there. Giant canvass for criminals.

What ticks me off is the mention of race. I understand them offenders were caught on CCTV, but surely Whites are involved too? In an everyday scenario, am I right to say that a bunch of Blacks/Asians/Islanders hanging around constitutes a gang and police will tell them to break it up and disperse, while a bunch of Whites sitting around minding their own business aren’t seen as a potential time bomb?

I would like to believe the article I’m reading, but all credibility and fingers pointing to non-Whites goes out of the window coz ‘exact figures are not contained in the reports.‘ How convenient. I’m sure if exact figures were given, the pie chart sitting in the Police Head of Staff will indicate a spike of crimes commited by Whites.

Of coz, the author’s a White too. Now, surely readers of The Sunday Age aren’t all White too yeah? After all, they’re just minding their ‘own business’, reading the papers.

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