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Free on conditions …

That one is able to catch some form of public transport today. The only form of transport which I didn’t have any problems catching today, was the bus, travelling from station to station.

At the time of penning this post, the city loop was closed or shut down due to a massive power failure. Most if not all the lines are affected. From where I was left stranded, I had the impression most or all the lines are completely down, and no trains were running.

The whole situation worsened as power outages affected many suburbs, including mine, in the outer western area. Just what else can go wrong today? And its not even Friday the 13th. If only I had taken that ferry heading towards Tasmania …

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What time did you get home tonight?

The temperature soared to 43 degrees at around 5 pm. I certainly didn’t look forward to taking the crowded train home tonight. And with more than 150 train cancellations today, I was sure my train was not going to turn up on time. So, instead, I decided to hang out, stayed late at the office, went to the supermarket and kept to the freezer section, window shopping, did everything to stay cool.

The thermometer showed a high 38 degrees at 9 pm, I’m sure many Victorians are staying cool by staying out of the home, either by choice or because of canceled trains. Many went to the beach, stayed by the river and pretty much hanged out and ate out.

So, what time did you go home tonight?

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