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Melbourne Motor Show 2009

toyota_hc-cv_conceptWell, it’s coming up to “Marvelous March” which is kicked off with the annual motor show.  It’s going to be the toughest year in a while for many of the auto manufacturers, so hopefully they put some cars on display that will put them back on the track to profitability. According to a friend working at Holden, GM/Holden is cutting back on expenses this year and employees aren’t getting free tickets to this year’s show.

I went to the last couple of shows and found it was almost the same as the previous year’s show. The complaints from this blog going back a few years continue as many of the cars were locked.  The show was also very focused on family cars, and not too exciting although seeing the Lamborghini’s and Ferraris always do the job.  The biggest highlight for me was having my face massaged by a beautiful women but I digress.

Looks like hybrids and smaller/fuel efficient cars are the focus this year.  The Toyota HC-CV Camry concept seems like a good cross between convential Camry styling with a slight futuristc look.  Honda has their own hybrid to compete. I guess if you are in the market to buy a new car, it’s a helpful show but I probably would wait 5 years in between shows, although in 5 years time there may be dramatically less car companies on the road.

Melbourne Motor Show

Melbourne Exhibition Center, Now until March 9

Adults: $19  ($17 in 2006, $16.50 in 2005)


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