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The Yarra Freeway

Future Home of The Eastern-Yarra-Monash Connector

Future Home of The Eastern-Yarra-Monash Connector

A couple of months ago, I was reading the Herald Sun’s assessment on how New Year’s went, incident-wise. While the article wasn’t very interesting it did mention a bit about someone falling in the Yarra river and having to be revived.  Now, the thing the Herald Sun does that The Age misses out on is the comments. It’s amazing how many one eyed opinions there are from Herald Sun readers. This one comment stood out:

“The title of the story should be “No major incidents.” Or “Girl twist ankle, call to ban NYE.” It is clear the Yarra River does not serve a good purpose, it should be cemented up, and people can use it as a road way to get into the city. That would solve a lot of enviromental problems, and people will not fall into and get sick.

Posted by: JollyMunkie of Melbourne 8:09pm January 01, 2009

Jolly may be onto something. If we did turn the Yarra into a freeway it would ease much of Melbourne’s traffic. From Kooyong to Spotswood, the Monash could just be extended into an 8 lane freeway. From Kooyong up to Abbotsford, would be another freeway, bypassing the always busy Punt road. This would then connect to the Eastern Freeway at Dight falls. There ya go, we’ve saved countless lives from the Yarra as well as helping the traffic situation without the government even having to negotiate land rights.

Herald Sun: Ambulance services busy for Melbourne’s New Year celebrations

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