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Pen or Pin?

penorpin.gifFinally, something to speed up my life. As of yesterday, the ability to use a PIN instead of a signature with a credit card came into effect. Firstly, your signature is ever changing and secondly it’s pretty difficult for someone to detect a forgery in the 1 second they spend comparing the signatures (that is if they even look at all). My biggest pet peeve is the Safeway Express checkout lines which give you no room to sign. You have to use the 6 cm on top of the EFTPOS machine to scratch out something that resembles a 5-year old’s signature.

So far I have yet to have a chance to use it but apparently the big retailers (Safeway, Coles, Big W etc.) have had it set up for the past few months. I’d reckon I’d still use the signature for restaurants but everything else is PIN.

Pen or Pin

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