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Rude, racist staff in Cafe Andiamo

Cafe Andiamo - Great food and coffee. Pity the staff aren't.

Cafe Andiamo - Great food and coffee. Pity the staff aren't.

Cafe Andiamo, along Degraves Lane, is one of the more popular coffee and meal spots in Melbourne. It’s a personal favourite of mine, having spent many cold winters and hot summers there with my fiancee and dog. It’s a warm, fuzzy relationship built up over four years. I love it.

Of course, I write this to warn people never to go there again. Unless barbed racial remarks done with unprofessional subtlety is what they are eager for.

Yesterday arvo, my fiancee, her sister and me made our way to Andiamo after running some errands. It was lunch time and naturally, packed to the rafters. We spotted an empty table lane side and sat down. Really, the three of us were in good spirits. Laughing, teasing, gesticulating madly while telling each other a story.

It became clear we weren’t going to be served quickly, so I made my way to the counter to grab some menus. I’m familiar with what they serve, but I felt like an All Day Brekky and wanted to know if they served it during lunch time (alas, they don’t serve it between 12-2pm).

We took several minutes to decide, and my fiancee’s sister decided to call for the staff’s attention. My back was facing the counter, so while mucking around with the girls I flapped the menus around like a lightsaber. Mostly to get the staff’s attention too, but also because I can.

A longtime staff (I won’t mention race, coz it’ll be really obvious) came over. I greeted him. His response?

“You don’t have to wave the menus as I gave you the menus so I’ll know when to come over. This is not Chinatown.” (more…)

White Australia!

In other news, racist Pauline Hanson-supporter granny Terri has won Big Brother 2008. Oh it’s a good day for all bigots out there. Including the voters. What were they thinking?

Feel free to flame.

Melbourne – racist?

Quite literal, actually.Riding past a park in the trashier side of Port Melbourne this weekend with a friend, we pass a group of kids playing with some adults. A kid around five yells out, ‘Hello, hobboe!’

The adults just stare. They do not look too apologetic, which hints that they are part of the problem here – probably thinking, ‘More foreigners… they’ll go by; who cares?’ (Very mildly – I give them much benefit of the doubt here.) Unfortunately, this one happens to be a Metblogs author about to publicly disgrace you.

I do not think racism is a major issue in Melbourne. The Indian community seem to disagree, of course.

Recent communication with the media from the community describe Australia as a generally racist country. The Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA) made a statement earlier this month expressing their concern that ‘racist attacks were increasing’.

The Indian press now even places particular focus on Melbourne’s racist attitude, suggesting Melbourne to be the epicentre of Australia’s racism and warning students that it is no longer safe.

Gautum Gupta, from FISA, also offered a more rational analysis to The Age, and described the recent development of racism the result of the discomfort with an influx of Indians into the country, shifting the gaze away from the Chinese and on to the Indians.

Not everyone agrees that the recent incidences are racial, however, and the recent attacks involving Indian students can also be accounted to being race-neutral. The Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS), for example, accounts the attacks to bad timing and advises international students to take stronger safety precautions. Students are encouraged to seek AFIS for help shall they face difficulties during their stay in Australia.

AFIS is also organising a free event titled, ‘m²s² – Money, Migration, Safety, Study‘ on June 1st 2008, to address the most pressing issues facing current and fresh international students. The event will feature seminars from the Victorian Police, Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Victorian Tenancy Union amongst other presenters, and is heavily supported by the City of Melbourne.

A great effort has been committed to recognise Melbourne’s increasing professional immigrant workforce and international student market.

No, I personally believe that Melbourne is not entirely racist. Tiny pockets of unfriendly people do exist (eg. trashy Port Melbourne family), but as a whole, we are generally doing very well – albeit milking our foreign students for all their worth.

To that particular family, I say: Up yours, bogans.

Redneck in da house! Fo shizzle!

TerriHey I’m all for publicity, controversy and ratings, but Big Brother 2008 has definitely gone out of its way to make itself ‘different’ this year.

Turn on our tellies and you’d not have missed this friendly-looking grandmother who professed that ‘Religion is the root of all evil’. Click on the Big Brother website and her profile indicates she’s a right wing Pauline Hanson fan. There’s also an accusation of migrant people coming into this country with all their problems. Just, wow. Well done Channel Ten. You can’t top that.

If BB2008 ever needed an ambassador for their show, Terri’s the one. Terri is a warm, friendly and caring person, who has views and opinions just like anyone else. I believe Channel Ten has gotten it right this year, with its eclectic lineup of (boring people notwithstanding) one metre tall belly dancer, a high pitched-sounding bloke, a tattooed UFO believer who looks like a sex maniac and the obligatory Asian. Oh, and don’t forget Mr Corey ‘I don’t give a fuck I was just having fun’ Worthington who is rumoured to be an intruder to the house. I wonder if he’s apologised to his parents for all the embarrassment he’s put them through.

Speaking of Asian, the look on Terri’s face was priceless when Nobbie first walked into the room. And it’s hilarious she voted for Nobbie ‘coz he’s too ‘touchy-feeley’. I guess she’s never really been loved by her husband before.

I’m sad she ended up being the first to be voted out.

Racism, we have no room for that in the society we live in.

And BB2008.


PS: adrock2xander has never cared for BB. With Terri’s eviction, there’s one less thing for him to talk about.

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