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Overheard in St Albans today…

“You whore you’re only 28 years old and you’ve already fucked half the men in St Albans….”

What a friendly banter between two men from a few doors down.

Gee I’m glad I’m in the other half!

Yet another Sydenham line screw up


Here’s a scene we see so very often in Melbourne: coked-up addicts in trains. Or something along those lines. This bloke held up an entire train, which was forced to stop at St Albans station. The driver failed to rouse him from his stupor. Passengers were asked to leave the train and board the next train while paramedics took their own sweet time to arrive.

Connex staff told me to fuck off before I could take the picture from another angle. Oh well. At least I got the picture :O

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