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It’s good to pay less this fortnight

I know I’m not the only one who’s breathing a little sigh of relief when the Reserve Bank announced an interest rate cut at 3.00PM yesterday – the first time in seven years. I was sitting at my desk refreshing the business page every few minutes as most industry experts were predicting an interest rate cut and news would filter through by 2.30PM. So much for working!

I think young couples with recently bought homes stand to gain the most in the short term. I wince every fortnight when I’m copping almost $2K a month in mortgage repayments, but I shudder to think how other Melburnians are able to afford their palatial homes in their ‘desired’ suburbs. Even with a dual income, I’d be hard pressed to find a young couple forking out payments for a $450,000 house, which by Melburnian standards is pretty average. *gasp* How on earth do these people survive? Stuff the price of petrol, look at the price of milk! $6 for 3 liters. Ridiculous!

Here’s hoping our reprieve, however short, continues. It’s good to have that extra $44/month in your pocket.

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Hot tip from an expert

At a friend’s engagement just last week, I made friends with one of the blokes. Turns out, he’s a private investigator who works for himself. It’s not a hard job, but long hours (mostly waiting and observing in his car) and peeing into a 1.5L plastic bottle does dull one’s senses after awhile.

We were exchanging views on the more ‘dangerous’ suburbs in West Melbourne as our conversation focused on housing prices and affordable suburbs. I couldn’t quite believe my ears when he mentioned the new suburb of Cairnlea is one of the most ‘dangerous’ suburb to live in right now. Yes, this is the same Cairnlea with the huge sprawling houses, massive plots of land and vibrant community. Most importantly, it’s mostly young couples with a good mix of races and nationalities.

“But,” my new friend said, “that’s exactly what the burglars are into. New homes, with young couples. They strike these homes as the couple mostly works in the day. It’s an easy target.”

I’ve been to Cairnlea. A lot. Many of my friends live there. If anything, I think the suburb is really peaceful and a great place for your kids to grow up in as the demographic is just right. I found it hard to believe my new friend, but coming from an expert’s point of view, I found it hard to reject his opinion as well.

What do you readers think? Any of you live in a new estate/suburb? Hot tips on keeping the house safe?

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