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Where Art Thou Week 16: John Darling & Son Flour Mill


Brett scored top points for correctly guessing (and really quickly too) this week’s locale. I took this picture on this Tuesday morning after a quick stop at Bunnings. Was bored waiting for the train, so I thought why not rekindle my Where Art Thou post.

An iconic building for the best part of a century, John Darling & Son Flour Mill is located along the Sunshine end of Ballarat Road, right next to Albion station. Listed on the Victorian Heritage Council’s Heritage Register, the building is one of the most elaborate brick mills built in the early 20th century Victoria. The Darling family also played a large role in the Australian milling industry.

Dumb ass driver

To the train driver departing Parliament Station at 6:04pm on the Sydenham line, it’s an express train from Footscray to Sunshine, not stop all stations. Fucking idiot. And to those passengers who actually got off at Middle Footscray, West Footscray and Tottenham, you’re bigger idiots.

Melbourne hates the Western suburbs

Oh boy Melbourne really likes fucking with the Western suburbs. Have you guys not noticed how bad news from the supposedly richer and more Anglo (read: less immigrants) Eastern suburb is always lame one liners like ‘Missing Dog Found’ or ‘Fire In Camberwell Put Out No One Is Seriously Injured’ but news from the Western suburbs always come out bad.

‘Woman Found Murdered And Dumped In Footscray’

‘Gang Fight In Sunshine Believed To Be Racially Motivated’

And I remember reading this in the papers once, it went something along the lines of:

‘I was sitting in Sunshine train station, where the bus depot is, and I saw gangs of Vietnamese and Africans sitting in groups. Sunshine and the Western Suburb is a dangerous place to live. The difference races do not integrate and they clash often.’ – some bloody politician

It infuriates me when I see how biased the media is towards the Western Suburbs. I’ve been living here for over half a year now, and although I cannot say that it’s the safest area, the old rhetoric such as ‘OMG you live in Sunshine? You’re gona be fucking murdered.’ is so old.

The Western suburbs, particularly Footscray and Sunshine, have definitely cleaned up and if anything, young couples are looking towards these areas for their first homes.

But I digress.

Now would anyone believe me if I told you there’s a conspiracy by Connex to screw Western Suburbians as well?

Well, two things.

How else does one explain why at peak hour in Melbourne Central platform 3, there are 2 EMPTY trains leaving for Cragieburn within 5 minutes of each other while the PACKED LIKE SARDINES train leaving for the Sydenham line leaves every 20 minutes.

Also, why are there less Zone 1 stations in the Sydenham and Werribee lines compared to every other lines? People living in the North, East and Southern suburbs have Zone 1 stations extending as far as Huntingdale or Reservoir, while the Westies have to cough up Zone 2 fares. This isn’t so apparent along the Werribee line, as the first Zone 2 station – Aircraft – is considerably far away from the Melbourne City Loop. But along the Sydenham line, how is Ginnifer a Zone 2 stop? It’s only 9 stops out of the City Loop!

Here’s a link to the Connex train network and tell me I’m wrong!

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