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So what are we to do?

I hopped on a tram this arvo and there was a bunch of pothead bogans smoking weed at the back of the tram.

Moving to the front of the tram I sat down, trying to ignore the smell. Everybody around me were clearly trying to put up with it as well. The ‘don’t wana get involved’ mentality.

After awhile, I couldn’t put up with the smell anymore. The entire tram was filled with the stench. I walked over to the driver. Good thing the window was open.

“Hey mate could you please do something about the potheads at the back of the tram? We pay top dollar for public transport to travel in comfort, not put up with irresponsible people who live on the dole.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it, mate.” the driver retorted, without once glancing at me.

“Isn’t there anything you can do? Perhaps signal to the inspectors or the depot, to have some staff assemble at a tram stop up ahead? You do know they’re breaching the law here…” I profused.

“Sorry mate there’s nothing I can do,” said the driver as he slammed the window on me. How rude.

I couldn’t believe it. An elderly man, who is clearly affected by the smoke, gave me the ‘oh well’ look and shrugged his shoulders. Everybody but the potheads were looking at me. Well at least I bloody was trying! You guys just sat there expecting some sort of civility.

Actions speak louder than words. If people want something done, you’ve got to act on it. Why sit on your ass and put up with it when you’ve got your rights as a paying passenger? I’m appalled at the driver’s insensitivity to other passengers. Personally I just can’t tolerate dole bludgers and potheads who smoke with blatant disregard for the law. But what if there was a pregnant woman on board or little kids on board?

Just absolutely appalling.

Fun times on the tram

Continuing with the theme of things overheard is an interesting picture taken the other day. Rodian, from the Livejournal site Overheard in Melbourne took this lovely photo on the 59 tram. Discretion is obviously not on this guy’s mind.


Overheard in Melbourne: ok… this is an overSEEN

Pub Tram to the Rescue

pub-tram.jpgOne of today’s most read articles on The Age today is one about how tram conductors are better than tram inspectors. Besides the fact that the author refers erroneously to Tram 15 (non-existent since 1995), she makes a good point. Tram conductors are a cheaper and better way of 1) providing some security in the tram, 2) making sure that everyone rides with a ticket, and 3) having someone who you can ask questions to (eg. tourists). Well, we will never go back to having tram conductors but here’s a idea. Pub Tram.

Helsinki, Finland is home to the pub tram called the Spårakoff . Yes, we do have the restaurant trams which are pretty cool but unless you are willing to part with lots of money for mediocre food, then we need a pub tram. OK, it won’t solve any of the tram problems, in fact it probably will cause more, but imagine those hot summer afternoons catching a tram home from work. Imagine having a nice cold beer on the ride home. Forget Myki, bring on Spårakoff .


Wikipedia: Spårakoff

The Age: Melbourne’s trams are a hostile place

Photo by matz-o-man [via Melbourne Maniac]

Melbourne Tram Book


“Not everyone has warm feelings for the trams – for example. motorists may view them with impatience,” explains the introduction.

While some Melburnians will agree with that statement, most will appreciate the beauty and charm of our iconic box on wheels.

The 80-page paperback is largely a pictorial essay but also has a couple of history lessons. There is even a chapter called “What tram is that?” – so if you have ever wanted to know how the control panels of a W-series and a C-class (we’re entering serious tram enthuasiasts kingdom here), this is the book for you.

More than 40 photographers and artists have contributed tram-related pics to the book, and it’s fair to say that if you are a fan of the City Circle, you’ll be in rusty tram track heaven.

The Melbourne Tram Book is out now.

Tram Tracking Map shows the estimated positions of trams in Melbourne. You just pick the route and watch the tram dots slowly move along the roads. The site also features interactive timetables so you can plan your trip accordingly. The one thing that is missing is real time tram information, something I don’t think Yarra Trams would be keen to release as they have their own revenue stream through their TramTracker product. It would be interested to see how the real time map would look compared to this one. Most likely all the dots would be clumped in one section and then a big space between the next closest dot.

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