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Generosity of everyone

It is amazing how generous people can be; here in Victoria, across Australia and across the world. So, far the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Fund has raised at least 51 million today.

And everyday, there is a new fundraising event, from cricket matches, AFL games, to tonight’s channel nine telethon Live streaming of Channel 9 telethon for Bushfire Fund. It is beginning to be difficult to keep track of all the events. Herald Sun is attempting to list all known events in case there are con artists out here who are trying to benefit from all this.

Personally, I’m looking forward to tomorrow, not because its Friday the 13th, but because Coles will donate all profits earned on Friday to the Red Cross bushfire fund. It is the only time to shop at Coles.

Bushfires- The 9/11 of Victoria?

Well, I’m sure by now, you know the toll of the bushfires, you’ve seens the photos, the news stories, and where to donate. It’s been 8+ years, since I felt the way I feel this week. I recall being asleep on a cool morning in Boston, with not too many worries as I didn’t have class until later in the afternoon. All of a sudden my housemate woke me up and told me an airplane crashed into the World Trade Center. I watched the news unfold, 1 tower hit, the other tower hit, the attack on the Pentagon and finally the falling of the towers. I remember the feeling like this is surreal and crazy, no anger or sadness just disbelief. I called my family and any friends that I knew who were in NYC that day and so did everyone else in the US. The lines were completely busy but after a few hours I was relieved that everyone was safe.

Then came the sadness to realize so many people had been lost and so many more missing. Many people converged onto ground zero to go through the rubble to do something, anything they could. I felt useless and I immediately donated to the Red Cross. Stories came trickling in about the victims and it seemed that everyone knew or had a connection to someone who died that day. Everything stopped, no comedians doing standup on TV, no classes, no sports, just 24 hour news and donation appeals. It’s startling how similar the progress of events is to our bushfire crisis.

Well what came next was anger, who did this and why did it happen? A war in Afghanistan, a war in Iraq, and terrorism taking hold of the world. One thing, I’ll always remember is the night all of the late night comedy shows came back on the air. They just couldn’t be funny, some cried, some had serious interviews with reporters and politicians but one sticks out in my mind is Conan O’Brien’s show. He showed a picture of a baby lifting a six pack of beer. It didn’t make any sense, but for some reason it made everyone laugh or at least smile. It only gets easier with time, so after the bathing Koala of last week, I think this thirsty Koala is approriate.

Picture via Spatula City

This is what happens to people who try to rob a taxi driver…

…nah I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t want that happening to anyone, taxi robber or not.

With taxi fare evasion running rampant across the metro area of Melbourne, the Victorian Government has made prepaid fares mandatory for all taxi trips between 10 pm and 5 am across Victoria from 1 October 2008. Finally, a good step is taken towards protecting the interest of the taxi driver and taxi operator.

I don’t take taxis all that often, and definitely less so in the nights ‘coz I’m usually at home by 10pm. Has anyone tried taking taxis last night and if so, what do you think of the new regulation?

Image taken off

Melbourne misses out

Even Mr Monopoly Man has problems figuring out where Melbourne is

Even Mr Monopoly Man has problems figuring out where Melbourne is

Here’s one for Sydneysiders to cheer about. For once, Melbourne was beaten by our ‘auld enemy’ to the final 22 cities set to appear in Monopoly’s latest take on their famous board game. The harbour city appears on the game’s Red strip (The Strand, Trafalgar Square and Fleet Street) in good company, alongside international powerhouses New York and London. Sydney occupies the position occupied by The Strand. Not bad at all.

Yet it’s not surprising to find out that more Australians voted for Melbourne. The cultural, arts, fashion and coffee capital of Australia is a favourite with Australians who visit Melbourne for the vibrant city life, sports scene and wadya know, perhaps a trip on Melbourne’s infamous public transport system *cough* Lynne Kosky out! *cough*

I can only speculate, but I daresay Melbourne was beaten by our lesser cousin due to Sydney’s more international profile. In fact, when asked what the capital of Australia is many people around the world mention ‘Sydney’. Sydney is also the first city most non-Australians think of, and Sydney is also the only city most non-Australians know of. Of course, Aussies know that our capital Canberra is halfway between Sydney and Melbourne so the conflict and dispute would stop. Which also explains why the Australian Capital Territory (where Canberra resides) exists so it would not belong to either New South Wales or Victoria. Ha! That’s a bit of history there. (more…)

Nursing homes

These days, all we hear on a regular basis are news about how Australians and everyone else are getting fatter, with obesity and related health issues all dominating our news. So, to me, it is really sad to hear about people living in nursing homes who are malnourished, constantly being underfed.

I doubt if we will ever hear the complete truth. The operator Kirralee Residential Aged Care alleged that they failed only 33 out of 44 basic standards due to poor documentation and not due to poor care. Looking at their website, I quote

Our onsite cook prepares fresh, delicious and nutritious meals daily. A seasonal menu is provided with also caters for any special dietary requirements.

Still doesn’t explain how or why some residents are considered dangerously underweight, a couple weighing less than 25 kg. The food must be quite inedible if residents are not eating it, despite being hungry.

Where are all the Gordon Ramsays in Victoria to give the onsite cook some tongue lashings?

News Link
Herald Sun “Ballarat nursing home faces charges for malnourishment

Shit water tastes good

I made this entry over fifteen months ago and my stance still remains the same: Give me a large cold glass of shit water anyday, mate.

A year has passed, and seems like the Government’s attempt to convince Melburnians to consume shit water has fallen shit short of their expectations.

Nothing seems to have changed. The Bracks Government were ridiculed back then, the Brumby Government ain’t faring any better. I think they really need to rethink their strategy if they wish to pursue this important matter. Whether it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth (pun intended) is another thing altogether, but perhaps it’s time for Brumby and Co. to give the Victorian media another water cooler topic. They’re having so much airtime with their public transport debacle and terrorist bullshit, no thought is given to something that’s very close to all Australians.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to arrive on time in a non-crowded train and not be subjected to retinal checks when I’m at the airport. I don’t start doubting the Muslim’s intentions just because he prays seven times a day or his wife wears a hijab. Hell I’m sure terrorists exist in other religious denominations as well. The bottom line is, who needs a world class transport system and a terrorist-free country if there’s no water for consumption in the long run. We need to think long term. I’d rather be stuck in a hot, humid train, pressed against other sardines and am thirty minutes late. At least I have my delish cold bottle of shit water in my bag and not be worrying what my children will be drinking 30 years from now.

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