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Where Art Thou Week 17: Variety Entertainers of the Century


Located in Waterfront City, Docklands and measuring 11m long, the stunning mosaic mural is a tribute to the greatest Australian entertainers. Created by renowned mosaic artist David Jack and based on an original artwork by Jamie Cooper, the mural captures each of the 100 entertainers in their hey day in a unique tribute.

In fact, the mural is soooooo long, I had to take several steps back just to catch the entire mural in its entirety. Here’s how it looks in its full glory.


Since no one else attempted to answer it, full points to decryption for answering half the question. Good job!

Where Art Thou Week 17

Hello again and welcome to another series of ‘Where Art Thou’. The picture above is part of a bigger piece of work. What is this piece of work and where is it? Fastest fingers wins!

Answers on Wednesday.

Where Art Thou Week 15-The Night Cat


I really thought this was going to be a hard one. I mean it was just a picture of a wall. Jopas figured it out within an hour of the posting. Good job.

The Night Cat is one of the best venues in Fitzroy for live acts and dancing. Nope, not your usual Billy Joel cover songs but all kinds of music like jazz and salsa. Unlike most other venues, The Night Cat has loads of room to spread out, so there’s little chance of absorbing other people’s sweat (unless that’s your thing). On certain nights of the week, they teach various dance styles such as the Salsa. If you really want to hear the 80’s cover songs, then don’t fret, 120 Bar across the street plays 80’s music all night. Note: Both venues enforce the 2AM Lockout.


The Night Cat

120 Bar

Picture by yuu.tokunaga

Where Art Thou Week 15


You can name what’s in the building or name of the street. It’s one of my favourite places in Melbourne (although not located in the CBD) to go on the weekends. Where Art Thou? Put your guesses in the comments. Answers on Friday.

Where Art Thou Week 14


I took this photo with my new Canon SD870 IS camera, which is a great little camera. I’m looking for a specific where and bonus points for a guess of who that is. Where Art Thou? Put your guesses in the comments.

Where Art Thou Week 13


It’s been a little while since we did these. Frankly, it’s been tough trying to find pictures that are not so easily guessable. I’ve walked by this many times and have never noticed these loving kangaroos. Where Art Thou? Put your guesses in the comments. Answer on Friday.

Where Art Thou Week 12-A Bench, Bourke Street Mall

Not only did bleugh correctly guess the object,  but also gave an exact location and time. Great job! This photo by Adam Dimech was taken in December as bleugh pointed out, by the blue hanging Christmas lights on the top left. It’s amazing that something as simple as a bench can look like a piece of art .

2127034657_d64b9e6d0e.jpg 2214322396_b827c0d018_m.jpg


Flickr: Radiant

Where Art Thou Week 12

Where Art Thou Week 11-Walter Lindrum’s Grave

Theconundrumm got it right. This is the grave of Walter Lindrum located in the Melbourne General Cemetery. Just a couple minutes away is the memorial for Elvis Presley which gets a lot of visits on the anniversary of his death every year.


Walter or Wally Lindrum was one of the greatest billiards players in the world and holds 57 world records to his name. People who have not heard of him may recognise the name as a hotel that is part of the south facing skyline of Melbourne. The Hotel Lindrum, opened a few years ago, used to house the Lindrum’s Billiard Centre. Today, it is a boutique hotel but there is much memorabilia as well as one of the original restored billiards table.

One of the coolest things about Lindrum’s grave is that there are always gold coins placed on the sides. A true sign of respect for one of the greatest billiards players in the world.

lindrum1.jpg lindrum2.jpg lindrum3.jpg


Wikipedia: Walter Lindrum

Hotel Lindrum

Picture by Thomask

Where Art Thou Week 11

This is a tough one. It was only last year that I saw “this” and was quite impressed. Hint: Elvis Presley is only a couple minutes from “this”. Put your guesses in the comments. Where Art Thou? Answer on Friday.


Where Art Thou Week 10

This very recognizable location should be easy to guess. Where Art Thou? Put your guesses in the comments. Answer revealed on Friday.


Where Art Thou Week 9 – The Public Purse, Bourke Street

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