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Tram Woes and Myki

The media loves to jump on a good public transport bashing, even when unfounded. Yesterdays article in The Age, was about Melbourne’s 59 Combino trams having major cracks that needed to be repaired.  So you assume it’s going to be like our train systems, and trains will have to be canceled, people left waiting but…

“The cracks pose no risk to safety,”

“Siemens will fix the trams at no cost to the Government.”

“An increase in maintenance scheduling by Yarra Trams means that no tram services will be cancelled while the trams are being repaired. Two of the 59 trams have already been fixed and a third is under repair.”

So, it won’t affect services, it won’t affect safety and the government doesn’t have to pay for the repairs. Where’s the story?

“Public Transport Users Association president Daniel Bowen said the repairs raised questions about whether the trams should have been bought.”

Sure, but if they are going to fix it for free then who cares? Speaking of Daniel Bowen, he recently tried out the Myki system on one of the buses down in Geelong. Watching the video he took and reading some of his observations, it seems that this system still has a long way to go before it is ready to be deployed. The scanning system seems remarkably slow and at a cost of $1.3 billion, you would have thought they would have developed something better.


The Age: Latest model trams found to be cracking up I got a Myki, and it only cost $1.3 billion

iTransit: iPhone, Mobile, Public Transport Application

itransitA few months ago, we reported to you on Metro, an application for the Iphone which provides real-time public transportation information. I had a play with ITransit, a similar program to Metro, but instead of an application it is a website fitted to work with an Iphone, a mobile device, or any other browser you throw at.

From the Yarra Trams website, one has to enter in their stop number, which you have to lookup based on the tram line and street via a popup box. Once you select your location, it is fed into the Yarra Trams website, where you then have to select the route again and then submit. Not too difficult but could be an easier process. This seems to be a new method on their website as previously you had to look up the number, copy, then paste the number back into the Yarra Trams box and submit.

With iTransit, you select what form of transport you want (tram),browse by route or stop number (browse by route), select direction, select stop, and then you are presented with the times of the next three trams after which you sigh because you were probably better off not knowing.  Trains are selected in a similar fashion and apparently they are working on a bus time tracker. I’ve never been on a bus that even remotely followed a schedule, so this will be interesting to see.

This definitely gives Metro a run for it’s money with it’s ease of use and ability to be used on any browser. Best of all, it’s free.


Fare Evaders! Who’d you call? GHOSTBUSTERS!



Here’s a funny one for all those who refuse to take public transport (admit it, you’re one of several millions in Melbourne who’ve swore allegiance to your car). I picked up this ghost buster brochure (right: series 6 of 10 Passenger Card) while travelling through the city last week and was laughing my head off just reading it.

In an attempt to ‘revive’ interest in tram transport, Yarra Trams has launched a Did You Know? series of competition where regular all you’ve to do is answer a simple question and a 16GB iPod Touch and a monthly metcard is potentially yours. But who cares about the freebies when the flipside of the brochure just makes your day?!

I like how we're talked down like we're stupid. So. Epic. Funny.

I like how we're talked down like we're stupid. So. Epic. Funny.

Keep a look out for other Passenger Cards out in the trams. I brought one home and pinned it on my wall ‘coz it really made my day. Kudos to the team who came up with it. Watch out fare evaders! :O

Check out the Yarra Trams website for more funny brochures and win some awesome prizes here.

Black is the new eh…Black


If there’s any doubt that Melburnians love the colour black, just have a look at the tram stop one fine weekday morning. A tram had malfunctioned (what’s new, if it’s not Connex, it’s Yarra Trams) and her passengers were caught ‘in the crossfire.’ Apart from a few splashes of colour, just about everyone is decked out in black. Why do Melburnians love black so much? Surely the slimming properties and easy-to-match rumours are just old wives tales?

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