Travelling on my stomach

One of the things that comes with the kind of work I do is being forced to work on all sorts of different sites for different periods of time.

Having spent large slabs of time working near Melbourne Central and the Market I know the lunch spots in that quadrant of town really well. When you only have enough time out of the office to grab something and then head back to eat it at your desk you really need to have a plan before you walk out the door. KL Curry – Ronz. Crispy Pork – Rose Garden. Etc.

Southgate is my other main site and so I know how to make the best of that bad situation too. Not bad from a food perspective as there are plenty of great places but eating there every day is not economically sustainable.

But now I am working on Collins St near the Rialto for a bit and I realise I know nothing about the food in this area. It was really frustrating to step outside and have no idea in which direction I needed to head to find food of quality and value. So I copped out and went to the cafe thing in the building and grabbed a pre-made salad roll.

There are clearly expeditions that need to be made.

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