Women in Uniform.

Others on the staff may be better qualified than I to comment on fashion but I’m not going to let that stop me.

Wandering around the city lately I am dismayed at the uniform dress behaviour of women aged 30 or less. Denim mini-skirt, thongs and some sort of ‘girly’ colored top. Some days it seems like nearly 50% of all girls are wearing this combination. Especially down at Rod Laver Arena.

The uniform behaviour carries over to the court too. There is the Nike uniform, the Adidas uniform and the Fila uniform. If two players are from the same sponsor then they will both turn up wearing the same outfit. When you have 2 Russians you’ve nver heard of wearing the same dress it makes telling them apart very difficult. Especially to this more than casual observer. The men are the same. Are there really only 10 different shirts to choose from for all players in them Men’s draw?

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