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2AM Lockout Lifted

Brumby 2AM FailToday marks the end of one of the worst policies trialled on Melbourne.  No longer do patrons have to suffer confusion over which venues have lockouts. No longer will the streets be flooded with people “locked out” of venues. What have we learned from the lock out? Nothing it seems. Crime has increased, there’s still not enough police on the streets, and people are still fighting IN THE STREETS not in the venues.  Good old John investigated the situation over the weekend, something he perhaps could have done before the lockout.

At least footy players will have an easier time celebrating Mad Monday tonight.


Herald Sun: Violence soars in CBD fringes as revellers move out of inner city

Where Art Thou Week 15-The Night Cat


I really thought this was going to be a hard one. I mean it was just a picture of a wall. Jopas figured it out within an hour of the posting. Good job.

The Night Cat is one of the best venues in Fitzroy for live acts and dancing. Nope, not your usual Billy Joel cover songs but all kinds of music like jazz and salsa. Unlike most other venues, The Night Cat has loads of room to spread out, so there’s little chance of absorbing other people’s sweat (unless that’s your thing). On certain nights of the week, they teach various dance styles such as the Salsa. If you really want to hear the 80’s cover songs, then don’t fret, 120 Bar across the street plays 80’s music all night. Note: Both venues enforce the 2AM Lockout.


The Night Cat

120 Bar

Picture by yuu.tokunaga

2AM Lockout, Did we win?

May 31 022 Did we win? I’d say mostly yes but with concessions.

I’ve never been to a protest..well not on purpose anyway. I rocked up at about 5:45 and by 6:10 it was over. I was very surprised to see a huge turnout of around 3000-4000 people acting very calm and supportive. The protest had some excellent speakers who put the points across to the crowd.

As of this afternoon, 80 venues have successfully received exemption from the 2AM lockout. The catch? Venues have to double its security staff and they can not promote the fact that they have an exemption. Yes, more bald headed 100KG bouncers are the solution. There is a reason we have trained police instead of putting gorillas on every street corner. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one venue that has bouncers (sorry I mean licensed crowd controllers), that are inviting to its patrons and can hold a normal conversation (Melbourne Central Lion Hotel).

bouncerkick.jpgToday’s Herald Sun features a bouncer kicking a guy laying on the pavement. Yes, he did break up another beating and good on him but surely we can’t have private individuals/companies being judge, jury and executor. Also in the paper this weekend was the lack of police officers in many areas of Melbourne. Are we seeing a trend here? The government is essentially getting venues to foot the bill for bouncers to serve as police. Once again, the government misses the fact that fights happen ON THE STREET…one more time..ON THE STREET. How in the hell will having more bouncers in a venue prevent violence in the street?

Be proud of your asshat government. Hell, maybe we should get Connex to manage Melbourne’s nightlife.

Herald Sun: Wild brawls in Melbourne’s CBD as clubs fight 2am ban

Youtube: Video of the Protest

Operation Gasket to reduce late-night assaults

I’ve always felt relatively safe in Melbourne, even with camera strapped around my neck, at odd hours of the night. Sure you’d get the occasional semi-drunk group asking you to take their photo, but obliging is easy and the results are just fabulous.

So, I’m wondering why Operation Gasket has come into play. Its here to curb late-night assaults (which have been on the rise) and to ensure nightclubs complied with liquor laws (i.e. not serving you any more liquor after they’ve deemed you’re too drunk – Responsible Serving Of Alcohol). I wonder how they deal with places that offer bottle service – granted this isn’t so widespread, but its something I truly enjoy.

Known trouble spots:

  • Queen Street – what’s there, besides CQ Bar and Basemint?
  • Flinders Lane – a few that I frequent which have all seemed mild (6 Links, aka backpacker haven, Velour, Yak, etc.)
  • King Street – there are nightclubs here? Barcode loosely classifies as an entertainment joint, the rest are strip clubs no?
  • Chapel Street

Statistics show a 17.5% increase in assaults in the years 2006-07, where about 7.3% occurred in licensed premises!

Tell me, have you seen an assault happening? Been a victim of assault? Did you do something about it? I’m interested to hear opinions and stories about problems. Due reference, via: Tough laws aim at CBD violence, Taskforce to tackle CBD violence.

Cost of nightclubs going up

Do you like to hit the nightclubs? I’d suggest taking an interest in how the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia has decided to charge for music. Currently, establishments pay 7 cents per person, for music played, but this has just increased to $1.05/person/night.

Increases in costs are never borne by the club, but by you, the attendee/clubber. This means a greater cover charge, or a greater cost in drinks.

If you think you’re safe because you’re vice-less, watch out as the PPCA are also attacking fitness centres – 96c/class to $31!

Further reading

Retro Bar on Saturday Night – and dissembly’s first clubbing night since smoking was banned!

Last night, I and some friends went out to Retro Bar (383 Lonsdale Street). We got there at around 11, and the line was enormous, but we got inside quickly enough. It had two levels; Niagara Hotel on the ground floor was brightly lit and the music was a little quieter. Wasn’t as crowded there, and it was a pub-type atmosphere (thought it still had a neat little dance floor and DJs). Upstairs was Retro bar, a clubbier atmosphere with louder music, colourful lighting and a little stage to get up and dance on. (Cover charge was $10, price of a lemonade is $3, and the only alcohol i had was bought for me, so i can’t say what that cost.)

Caberet Nocturne changing venue

News just in; Caberet Nocturne will have it’s final night at Tilt Nightclub (272 Russel Street) on Friday; Caberet Nocturne changing venue – thus making one of my recent posts obsolete already.

They do plan on re-opening elsewhere, once a suitable spot is found.

The Peel has won the right to exclude heterosexuals – but what does this mean?

The Peel is one of Melbourne’s staple gay clubs. It’s located at the end of Peel Street where it meets Wellington Street in Collingwood. It’s free, it seems to have a lot of floorspace, though it winds around. It has a couple of dance floors and places to sit and drink.

According to the National Nine News website, they’ve just won the right from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for an exemption to the Equal Opportunity Act so that they can “ban hetersexuals” (in the words of the media reports).

But what does that mean?

My initial response was that any ban like that is problematic. Noone should have to declare their sexuality, or define themselves by any sexuality at all, which is the basis of my own objections to discrimination based on sexuality. (Does anybody in the universe actually introduce themselves by saying “Good to meet you, sir, my name is David. I am a bisexual / heterosexual / homosexual / asexual / bi-curious / undecided / never-planning-on-deciding”? Seriously?) Ultimately you should have the option of not knowing, not caring, or not bothering to call yourself anything, if you want.

But then i read some of the reasons for the ban; and it became clear that this isn’t about checking anybody’s sexual credentials at the door – This is about the way people treat those who do make their sexual credentials obvious:

I quote the Nine News website, quoting the Herald-Sun, quoting VCAT deputy president Cate McKenzie: “Sometimes heterosexual groups and lesbian groups insult and deride and are even physically violent towards the gay male patrons.”

McKenzie said some straight women came to the club because they found the gay patrons entertaining.

“To regard the gay male patrons of the venue as providing an entertainment or spectacle to be stared at, as one would at an animal at a zoo, devalues and dehumanises them.”

I don’t know how they plan to use the newly granted powers, but in theory, you wouldn’t nessecarily be barred entry if you were just turning up to enjoy the music/atmosphere/have a drink. I imagine you would be asked to leave if it became clear that you were just there to treat the other patrons as zoo animals (in McKenzie’s words) or to pick a fight or generally act like a dickhead.

However, maybe they actually will ask you your sexuality at the door? Thats when i’d personally start to have a problem with it. Would they accept you if you were with gay friends? Would they accept “undefined” as an answer? Bisexual? What if you haven’t decided and don’t want to be forced to say? What if you weren’t camp enough, or they didnt think they recognised you from the gay community? What if the bouncer decides to use it to control how gay people are supposed to dress and act, by excluding gays who don’t live up to their standards, on the basis of beleiving them to be straight? And as both ‘straight girls objectifying gay men’, and ‘lesbian groups harassing gay men’ were identified as problems, does this mean women will be excluded outright?

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, and i don’t know how they intend to employ the new policy, but their exact choice will really determine my own personal opinion of the rightness of the decision.

Caberet Nocturne; a Friday night Goth club in Melbourne

On Friday night i went to Caberet Nocturne at 272 Russel Street in the CBD. It’s a Goth club, and they have a rotating roster of four DJs. Tilt nightclub (the venue) has two narrow levels, with a little dancefloor on both of them, and on Friday nights there’s a DJ on each level – Caberet Nocturne below, and the rotating roster above.

On the ground floor you can hear a pretty cool range of alternative (whatever that means to you) music from the lighter to the heavier (e.g.// Gwen Stefani to Rammstein), and it’s probably going to appeal to most people who are likely to be attracted to a goth club in the first place. Very fun to dance to, especially if you are (like me) generally bored of the poppy R&B stuff you find at most more popular clubs. If you went to Q&A about two or three years ago, and can’t take it anymore because it’s drifted away from the “alternative” part of the name, you’ll probably like what they play at Caberet Nocturne. Dress in black, get your chains together and be open toward heavier industrial and death metal sorts of stuff, and you’ll have a great time.

On the second level the DJ changes each week; last Friday it was whit3nois3 according to the pamphlet; i sometimes couldn’t dance to it, and spent some of the time sitting and just listening to what the DJ was doing, but it was definitely worth listening to. The DJ did a lot of the playing-with-knobs sort of DJ-ing, actually messing around with what could well have been a base track of actual white noise (though i’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, so don’t take my word for it). If you want to hear some genuine DJ-ing, where the content sometimes becomes 90% on-the-spot rather than playing pre-recorded tracks, whit3nois3 is upstairs from Caberet Nocturne every 3rd Friday of the month.

The entry fee’s $10, the atmosphere’s friendly and there’s usually heaps of totally uninhibited dancing going on, so you can just have fun. (I don’t drink so i can’t really tell you much about the price of alcohol at the venue (Tilt), but i did run into that issue you get at some places – where the price of a drink varies depending on which bartender you talk to (A soda wavered between $3-4). I’ve been to Caberet Nocturne a few times in the past and never found that before, though, so it’s probably not a feature of the place and it probably wouldn’t happen for all you alcohol-drinkers.)

Babes plus Bikinis plus Booze = ?

image taken by proserpinabikini.JPG

How could I not comment on this?

Management and promoters of the Amber Lounge have a received a right royal rap over the knuckles by officials and public for their planned Christmas Bikini Party which was scheduled for the 22nd of December.

Gals who rocked up in Bikinis were to receive free entry; free cloakroom (cause you would wear something over it right?!?); free juicy tube (?!?!) AND unlimited FREE alcohol, ALL night.

Like watching a trainwreck……..
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