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Bushfire Disaster, 84 and climbing

It is one thing suffering through a really hot day but another when a bushfire devastate an entire region of Victoria. At the latest report, there has been 84 accounted deaths but there could still be more as police and fire crew continue their work in the region.

The bushfire has burnt the entire township of Marysville, Kingslake and surrounding areas, destroying more than 312,000 hectares.

Many residents were trapped in the region because the bushfire surrounded the roads in and out of the area. Some residents perished while trying the escape the fire in their vehicles. Victims included Brian Naylor, a veteran news reader, and his wife Moiree.

People concerned about friends and relatives known to be in the affected region, should call 1800 727 077.

Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund is now accepting donations through either the NAB or Red Cross.

News Links
The Age “Death toll …”

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ABC’s “Bushfire Emergency

a famous sighting along a famous drive.

xavier rudd at chris's

xavier rudd at chris's

what is it with me running into people who are famous whilst i am in australia that i didn’t even know were famous. i know it’s hard to tell from the back of his head, but that guy in the picture is singer-songwriter xavier rudd. i took this picture at chris’s in apollo bay where we stopped to eat lunch on sunday as we toured the great ocean road.

i didn’t even know who xavier rudd was, but my host, having heard my story about alan joyce pointed him out to me and explained the guy’s popularity. no maybe he was having a go at me (like how i am picking up the lingo?) but i doubt it.

either way the food was incredible at chris’s and the view was even more spectacular.

as for the great ocean road, i don’t even know how to describe it. i am sure most of you are probably immune to that coastline now, but for a kid like me, who’s experience with the ocean are the relatively tame coastlines of the north atlantic, this was nothing short of staggering.

seriously, every vista took my breath away and literally made me gasp like a kid. i have seen few things in my life that compare to it.

just thought you might enjoy an outsider’s glee.

below is the obligatory money shot of me at the twelve apostles.

me at the twelve apostles

me at the twelve apostles

Will it ever stop?

Rain on City Road by Michael Blamey

By my account, it’s been raining for 31 38 hours straight. Not that I’m complaining as it seems like most of the water storages have gotten rain.

Photo by Melbourne Today, Michael Blamey who not only has a great website full of Melbourne photos but is currently selling a lovely coffee table book of his collection.

Fun times on the tram

Continuing with the theme of things overheard is an interesting picture taken the other day. Rodian, from the Livejournal site Overheard in Melbourne took this lovely photo on the 59 tram. Discretion is obviously not on this guy’s mind.


Overheard in Melbourne: ok… this is an overSEEN

Street Postmodernist Wisdom

Adrock’s last post reminded me of this snapshot I took not too long back.

Existential dispair (sic)

Existential dispair (sic)

Sometimes a little bit of humour goes a long way…

Warms your heart doesn\'t it?

Warms your heart doesn't it?

Business as usual… *sings* Fire in Myer! */sings*

Definitely back to the usual with regards to Myer and the rather surprising afternoon scare yesterday. I haven’t been able to stop saying it. Repeat after me. “Fire in Myer. Fire in Myer.” There’s a nice ring to it. Some ingenious rapper should make a hit song out of it.

Then again, no news is good news. Am just glad the fire wasn’t anything as news-worthy as the fire that broke out in Myer Hobart last year. Now that’s one hell of a fire.

Videogames domination!

Do we really need another EB Games outlet? I spied this extra-large shop along Swanston Street (opposite The Westin Hotel) on my way to check out business at post-fire Myer. The overpriced, ubiquitous, fluorescent-lit and in your face advertising console and PC gaming shop is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. They’re flooding the market with significant mark-ups that’s not doing other independent videogame shops any favour. Down with EB!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo…

post-run post-haste

So how did we do in that Nike Race?

Melbourne was placed ninth overall, with an average running time (for 10km) of 58″58′. London, topped out at number two with 57″47′. Alright, alright. So they win this round.

Well, at least we don’t have a goofy portly mayor who’s the butt of many jokes. Oh, wait.

For all the results and more, click here.


Our favourite 5000m Victorian track-star Craig “Buster” Mottram was there too! Probably out of contractual obligation because he likes running!

But since he was so good, he gave all the fast runners a 10-minute head start. Not that it mattered at all, since he finished in the top ten anyway.

craig 'buster' mottram


Craig reckons he runs an average of 190km per week. Per Week! That’s like 4 and a half marathons! One every other day! Just thinking about it makes me so tired!

I wonder how much he eats daily to power all that running…


Speaking of eating, to all our Muslim readers (all three of you), we wish you happy fasting in the holy month of Ramadan.*

For everyone else, here’s a cheat sheet of what Ramadan’s all about.

*- According to the Islamic Council of Victoria, the month of Ramadan coincided with the 1st of Sept.

Where Art Thou Week 17: Variety Entertainers of the Century


Located in Waterfront City, Docklands and measuring 11m long, the stunning mosaic mural is a tribute to the greatest Australian entertainers. Created by renowned mosaic artist David Jack and based on an original artwork by Jamie Cooper, the mural captures each of the 100 entertainers in their hey day in a unique tribute.

In fact, the mural is soooooo long, I had to take several steps back just to catch the entire mural in its entirety. Here’s how it looks in its full glory.


Since no one else attempted to answer it, full points to decryption for answering half the question. Good job!

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