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Beware of Putpocketers

weird letter
In all of my years in Melbourne and beyond I have never been pickpocketed. I never flash my cash anywhere and I try to be keep a close eye on the contents of my pockets. That said, I experienced a putpocketing at a pub this Monday night. A putpocketing, is the opposite of a pickpocket where someone puts something into your pockets. No, unfortunately it wasn’t money but a anonymous blackmail attempt against a random male patron in the form of a folded up index card.

Whilst getting ready for work the next morning, I changed my pants and thus emptied the contents of my pockets to put them in the wash. This is where I found this lovely note next to my mobile phone. For the record, my left pocket is strictly for mobile phone and keys, never have I put a receipt or anything else in that pocket. Whoever put the note in my pocket was banking on the fact that my significant other would go through the pockets in my pants thus creating a possibly not so fun situation.

Everything about the note screams inflammatory and vague. There is no “To:” name , good for slipping into anyone’s pocket.  “Happy 9 months”, a long yet short enough time period into which a suspecting partner can analyse.  The majority of the note makes it sound more than just a fling but a full fledged relationship, probably worse than a fling if you had to compare it.

So there ya go, word to the wise, watch out for people slipping things into your pocket in crowded situations. There was no benefit to this person doing these things, other than some weird hatred of the male race (perhaps she got cheated on).

Happy 9 months baby!
It has been the most challenging and yet rewarding nine months of my life.
I cannot wait for our very bright and promising future together.
I will always love you.
Your Jess xxx .

2AM Lockout Lifted

Brumby 2AM FailToday marks the end of one of the worst policies trialled on Melbourne.  No longer do patrons have to suffer confusion over which venues have lockouts. No longer will the streets be flooded with people “locked out” of venues. What have we learned from the lock out? Nothing it seems. Crime has increased, there’s still not enough police on the streets, and people are still fighting IN THE STREETS not in the venues.  Good old John investigated the situation over the weekend, something he perhaps could have done before the lockout.

At least footy players will have an easier time celebrating Mad Monday tonight.


Herald Sun: Violence soars in CBD fringes as revellers move out of inner city

2AM Lockout, Did we win?

May 31 022 Did we win? I’d say mostly yes but with concessions.

I’ve never been to a protest..well not on purpose anyway. I rocked up at about 5:45 and by 6:10 it was over. I was very surprised to see a huge turnout of around 3000-4000 people acting very calm and supportive. The protest had some excellent speakers who put the points across to the crowd.

As of this afternoon, 80 venues have successfully received exemption from the 2AM lockout. The catch? Venues have to double its security staff and they can not promote the fact that they have an exemption. Yes, more bald headed 100KG bouncers are the solution. There is a reason we have trained police instead of putting gorillas on every street corner. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one venue that has bouncers (sorry I mean licensed crowd controllers), that are inviting to its patrons and can hold a normal conversation (Melbourne Central Lion Hotel).

bouncerkick.jpgToday’s Herald Sun features a bouncer kicking a guy laying on the pavement. Yes, he did break up another beating and good on him but surely we can’t have private individuals/companies being judge, jury and executor. Also in the paper this weekend was the lack of police officers in many areas of Melbourne. Are we seeing a trend here? The government is essentially getting venues to foot the bill for bouncers to serve as police. Once again, the government misses the fact that fights happen ON THE STREET…one more time..ON THE STREET. How in the hell will having more bouncers in a venue prevent violence in the street?

Be proud of your asshat government. Hell, maybe we should get Connex to manage Melbourne’s nightlife.

Herald Sun: Wild brawls in Melbourne’s CBD as clubs fight 2am ban

Youtube: Video of the Protest

2AM Lockout: The end of nightlife in Melbourne

2amlockout.jpgRoving police patrols at night targeting violent hotspots was a great idea but Premier John Brumby‘s 2AM lockout is just ridiculous. Last week, Brumby announced a trial starting on June 3, that imposes a 2AM lockout in areas in and around Melbourne. Some areas affected include Fitzroy (i.e. Brunswick St.), the CBD, St. Kilda, and Prahran. Once you step out of a venue and its after 2AM, you will not be allowed back in. This is supposed to curb increasing violence in Melbourne. Licencees who breach this lockout will be face fines up to $6800. The only exception to the ban unsurprisingly is the government revenue maker, Crown Casino.

  • Most of the late night violence has been occurring outside venues on the streets. By locking out patrons, this will just be putting more people onto the streets. More people means more fights.
  • Want to go out for a smoke? Sorry, can’t come back in. Phone call? Nope. Designated driver? No way. Sorry, I lost my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/sister etc. Sorry, can’t come in.
  • First Floor, Bubble, and The Exford are three places that thrive in the late night. Take First Floor (Brunswick St., Fitzroy) as an example. It is open until the early hours of the morning but it only starts to get packed when most of the bars close on Brunswick Street. The 2AM lockout is thus removing late night licences.
  • The city of Yarra consists of a large area including Collingwood, Fitzroy, and Richmond. Public drinking IS allowed. Yes, you heard that right. What do you think people will be doing on the street when they cannot get into a venue? Get ready for parks and street corners to be the new hot venue of choice.

You really have to wonder how our Victorian government comes to conclusions without any notice and without consulting with venues, patrons or generally reading any history on the issue. Only a couple of years ago, England repealed it’s 11PM closing law in order to STOP violence. It’s not just the lockout, only yesterday , the Brumby government announced that it was making certain roads in an around Melbourne, clearways during peak hour WITHOUT even consulting councils. I know the Beijing Olympics are coming up but I was pretty sure we are not living in a dictatorship government. I highly suspect that after the three month trial of this lockout, the government will come out with some skewed figures showing success and proposing that the lockout be extended permanently.

Have your say! Join the protest May 30th at Parliament House (5PM-7PM and 11PM-Midnight). Please don’t show up drunk or being an idiot.


2AM Lockout Website (an “impartial” site created by those great guys from Melbournepubs.coms )

Melbourne Locked Out (The official protest site)

Facebook Group

Facebook Event

Herald Sun: Protestors fight for their right to Party

St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day 081Ahhh. My favourite holiday of the year where all you need to do is drink and wear green. Although it is a Monday, 35° is optimal drinking temperature. I’m sitting this year out after last year’s long effort at Puggs but The Happiest Hour has compiled a great list of venues for today. Dan O’Connell’s is my personal favourite as it rents out the park adjacent to the pub for a day of Irish food, dancing, and of course warm Guinness. Honours also to Pugg Mahones (Carlton) and The Quiet Man (Flemington).


St. Patrick’s Day 2007

The Happiest Hour: St Patricks Day Venues

Little Creatures is Coming

I do love my VB but occasionally I like to spoil myself with something nice(r). I usually go with a Boag’s Premium but recently I have been drinking Little Creatures Pale Ale. It seems that Little Creatures is opening up a brewery/ bar/ restaurant (brewhouse) in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Brewhouses seem to be a growing trend in Melbourne as there are currently about a half dozen scattered throughout the Metropolitan area. I anxiously await for the opening of this one.

Other brewhouses in Melbourne:

James Squire Brewhouse

James Squire Brewhouse

Mountain Goat Brewery

Three Degrees Brasserie

The 3 Ravens Brewing Company

St Arnou


Gun Island Brewbar
Middle Park

Bell’s Hotel and Brewery
South Melbourne

Picture and Tip via Fitzroyalty

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“When you heart’s on fire, you must realize, smoke gets in your eyes…”

With the passing of the month of June, smokers mourn while non-smokers rejoice.

As an ex-smoker myself for 10 years, I can only say to smokers now, let’s hope the country-wide smoking ban makes you sit up and realize what smoking does to yourself, your loved ones and people around you.

adrock2xander quit smoking on January 5th, 2007 and has not touched a cigarette since. He doesn’t mind the odd weed though.

The Bogan Burger

I’ve eaten many burgers in my time and have proudly placed highly in eating competitions. For years, I have heard rumors of the Bogan Burger at The Napier but it wasn’t until made a post about it, that I knew I had to take the dive.

What is the Bogan Burger?

  • steak (rump)
  • chicken schnitzel
  • potato cake
  • bacon
  • egg
  • cheese
  • onion
  • pineapple
  • beetroot

sandwiched between a Turkish bread roll and served with wedges and salad.

It will set you back $15.50 and 17,000 7,000 (sorry) kilojoules. Even with a couple of beers, I felt pretty good after eating it, although I didn’t manage to eat anything until the next day.

The Napier Hotel
210 Napier Street, Fitzroy

Picture via

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Monday Nights in Melbourne

For most people, Monday nights are just another weeknight with the dread of work the next morning. There are actually some great deals on entertainment to be had on Mondays around the city.

Pugg Mahones (an all time favourite) Hardware Lane, CBD, link

International and backpackers night
A foundation for the past few years among international students, Aussie students and backpackers. Live band plays from 10:30PM.
8-10PM $3 pints and basic spirits
10PM-12AM $4 pints and basic spirits
12AM-2AM $5 pints and basic spirits

Young & Jacksons, Flinders & Swanston St, CBD, link

Free Comedy after 9PM

Just because the Comedy Festival is over doesn’t mean there’s a lack of comedy shows. There are some small names and some big names, all free.

Strike Bowling Bar, Little Lonsdale & Swanston St., CBD, link

For $25,
You get:
Unlimited Bowling
Unlimited Pool
Unlimited Karaoke
Free Drink
(Corona or vodka drink)

Elephant & Wheelbarrow, Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda, Link

Neighbours Night
Ok, well this isn’t cheap but for $35, you can meet some of the cast of Neighbours. Apparently, Harold does a funny stand up act where he swears a lot.

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St. Patrick’s Day and Metroblogging Signs

St. Patrick’ Day is an annual feast day which celebrates the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. For most in the world, its a day where everyone wants to be Irish. Even with the F1 Grand Prix, FINA World Championships and NAB Grand Final occurring on the same day, every Irish pub in Melbourne was packed.

There is no better time to promote Metroblogging when you have a pub full of dressed up, drunk people. We couldn’t decide between the best picture, so it’s a tie between “Kiss me, I’m Irish” girl and “The Leprechaun”.

St Patricks Day 066

St Patricks Day 081

If anyone wants to submit a picture of yourself or a landmark (not Photoshopped) next to a Metroblogging sign, feel free to submit it and we will post it. More photos from Pugg Mahones below:

St Patricks Day 055 St Patricks Day 054 St Patricks Day 053 St Patricks Day 048 St Patricks Day 019

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