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2AM Lockout Lifted

Brumby 2AM FailToday marks the end of one of the worst policies trialled on Melbourne.  No longer do patrons have to suffer confusion over which venues have lockouts. No longer will the streets be flooded with people “locked out” of venues. What have we learned from the lock out? Nothing it seems. Crime has increased, there’s still not enough police on the streets, and people are still fighting IN THE STREETS not in the venues.  Good old John investigated the situation over the weekend, something he perhaps could have done before the lockout.

At least footy players will have an easier time celebrating Mad Monday tonight.


Herald Sun: Violence soars in CBD fringes as revellers move out of inner city

2AM Lockout, Did we win?

May 31 022 Did we win? I’d say mostly yes but with concessions.

I’ve never been to a protest..well not on purpose anyway. I rocked up at about 5:45 and by 6:10 it was over. I was very surprised to see a huge turnout of around 3000-4000 people acting very calm and supportive. The protest had some excellent speakers who put the points across to the crowd.

As of this afternoon, 80 venues have successfully received exemption from the 2AM lockout. The catch? Venues have to double its security staff and they can not promote the fact that they have an exemption. Yes, more bald headed 100KG bouncers are the solution. There is a reason we have trained police instead of putting gorillas on every street corner. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one venue that has bouncers (sorry I mean licensed crowd controllers), that are inviting to its patrons and can hold a normal conversation (Melbourne Central Lion Hotel).

bouncerkick.jpgToday’s Herald Sun features a bouncer kicking a guy laying on the pavement. Yes, he did break up another beating and good on him but surely we can’t have private individuals/companies being judge, jury and executor. Also in the paper this weekend was the lack of police officers in many areas of Melbourne. Are we seeing a trend here? The government is essentially getting venues to foot the bill for bouncers to serve as police. Once again, the government misses the fact that fights happen ON THE STREET…one more time..ON THE STREET. How in the hell will having more bouncers in a venue prevent violence in the street?

Be proud of your asshat government. Hell, maybe we should get Connex to manage Melbourne’s nightlife.

Herald Sun: Wild brawls in Melbourne’s CBD as clubs fight 2am ban

Youtube: Video of the Protest

2AM Lockout Protest TODAY

2am-lockout-protest.jpgJust a quick reminder that the protest against the 2AM lockout is today from 5PM onwards. According to the official protest website, the route will start from the Treasury Gardens at the corner of Flinders and Spring Street. If you are against the 2AM lockout, then I suggest you should participate in this. Melbourne is no stranger to protests. Although they may serve little to international causes (Iraq War, Scientology), local protests can result in change. Only weeks ago, many taxi drivers protested outside Flinders Street Station and successfully got their demands met.

Protest against the 2AM Lockout Policy
TODAY from 5PM
Outside Parliment House , Spring Street

Official 2AM Lockout Protest

Melbourne Metblogs: 2AM Lockout: The end of nightlife in Melbourne

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