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The Pacific debuts in US: Melbourne Scenes

The Pacific was partially shot in Australia and more importantly Melbourne about 2 years ago. The mini-series focuses on the US forces battle in WWII against the Japanese. The first two episodes follow a group of marines at home preparing to go to war and a battle defending¬† Guadalcanal from the Japanese. Don’t worry, no spoilers in this post.

The third episode of the series focuses on the US soldiers R&R time in Australia, in particular the warm welcome by Australians especially the young women. As many may remember the crew of The Pacific took over many places in Melbourne including Flinders Street station and parts of Carlton North.

Screenshots from The Pacific

Screenshots from The Pacific

Screenshots from The Pacific
A couple of scenes from what I believe is VISY Park Victoria Park.

Screenshots from The Pacific

Screenshots from The Pacific

Flinders Street Station

Screenshots from The Pacific

Transformed Rathdowne Street

Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

Screenshots from The Pacific

Outside La Porchetta, Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

Screenshots from The Pacific

Screenshots from The Pacific


745 Rathdowne Street

Screenshots from The Pacific


Image taken from Google Maps

The Railway Hotel, South Melbourne

Screenshots from The Pacific

The newspaper in the background says “Heavy Penalties Needed for Tyre Thieves”. Apparently, there was a bit of tyre theft going on in Melbourne in the 1940’s as explained in an article from The Argus here and also here.

See more screencaps here.

The Pacific debuts in Australia on Channel 7 later in the year.

Where Art Thou Week 14-Telstra Dome, Matthew Kreuzer

June 1 132

Almost as quick as last week, shniken, guessed the place, the time, and the person correctly. This picture was taken from the seats in between the interchange benches at last week’s match between Geelong and Carlton. The player on the bicycle is Matthew Kreuzer, last year’s #1 draft pick. It must be distracting hearing Kruz! from the crowd everytime he touches the ball. This in conjunction with picking up Chris Judd from West Coast has put the Blues from the bottom of the ladder last year, to almost breaking into the 8. Towards the end of the game, Carlton’s Paul Bower got into a crunching tackle and copped a season ending shoulder injury. To see a guy that huge on the verge of tears showed just how painful footy can be.

Where Art Thou Week 14?

June 1 150 June 1 181 June 1 052 June 1 013

What are you doing there, mate?

Heading home in Carlton this evening, I spotted a caucasian man, in his late thirties with a short, stout build, fitted into a dark coloured jumper and a black beanie (looking so classically burglar-ish), fiddling about with a bicycle parked next to a sign post. After handling the heavy chain for abit and studying the lock, (discounting the fact that I was practically staring at him) he figured it would be too much trouble cutting the lock, and walked off.

Very dodgy.

What would you have done?

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