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A knight in blue

I had to verify that its true and it is true. We have a knight in shining blue, a Sir Ken Jones to be exact. He is the latest deputy commissioner of crime of the Victoria Police.

I like him. A bit different and because he is an outsider, he is yet to be affected by corruption allegations and in fightings within the force. According to The Age, he rides a Harley Davidson and dares to try different things to reduce crime and corruption.

For some strange reason, he reminds me of Simon Pegg in the movie Hot Fuzz.

What are you doing there, mate?

Heading home in Carlton this evening, I spotted a caucasian man, in his late thirties with a short, stout build, fitted into a dark coloured jumper and a black beanie (looking so classically burglar-ish), fiddling about with a bicycle parked next to a sign post. After handling the heavy chain for abit and studying the lock, (discounting the fact that I was practically staring at him) he figured it would be too much trouble cutting the lock, and walked off.

Very dodgy.

What would you have done?

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