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Doyle and Brumby, the same person?

Doyle Cartoon. <i>Credit: Melbourne Leader</i>

Doyle Cartoon. Credit: Melbourne Times

It always amazed me that no one ever figured out that Clark Kent, a mild mannered reporter was also Superman. They talked the same, they looked the same, and were never in the same room at the same time.  I suppose I’ve never seen the Doyle or Brumby in the same room but mostly out of not caring.

In the short time that our Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has been at the reigns he certainly has had some Brumbyish ideas. First, he proposed opening up Swanston Street (or more officially Swanston Walk) to vehicular traffic. That went down like a lead weight. In his newest proposal, he wants to ban hailing taxis on Friday and Saturday night in the CBD. In addition, he wants to create zones, where certain suburbs would have fixed prices.

Well, OK, more taxi ranks would be a great idea if you had them on every corner but a ban from hailing taxis from the CBD?  It’s absurd, pointless and dumb. Taxi drivers lose out on fares and passengers lose out on the very convenience of taking a cab. Besides the obvious problem of not enough vacant taxis, the taxis who are free will reject fares that are not far enough away. This has happened to me multiple times which ended up with me reporting the taxi, and the taxi commission essentially saying “bad boy” to the driver.

Brumby’s recent ideas besides the 2AM lockout debacle was allocating a whole bunch of roads as clearways to ease traffic without any consultation with traders or local councils.  I was recently reading an article in the Melbourne Leader Times, of how the Victorian government wants to bypass local council’s planning processes to speed up building developments. No consultation again. Are we seeing a pattern here from these two?

No hailing taxis, cars on Swanston street, no conferring with any stakeholders. What has this government come to? Do these politicians bother to step into the city at all? It seems like they just want the easiest commute into and out of the city and nothing else. How about actually asking us 2AM lockouters what we want? Bring back John So, at least it’s better to have a token funnyman mayor, then someone who wants to rock the boat with ludicrous ideas.

Doyle + Brumby = Dumby (unless someone can think of something better)

Oh no! John So is stepping down…

Lord Mayor John So has announced that he will be ‘passing the baton’ and not contest for a third term in office. He is already the longest-running Melburnian Lord Mayor to date, and possibly one of the few Lord Mayors in the world who has attained cult status.

He is also best known for his odd, accented English and walking to meetings – one will often find the Lord Mayor brisk-walking across the CBD to a meeting. (On a sidenote: Why not you tell us about your experiences bumping into The Man?)

Candidates for the position have already been lining up… But no one else seem to be as interesting as to be able to equal the line ‘John So is my Bro’.

ABC News – Melbourne Mayor Steps Down:
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Melbourne Day

Melbourne Day

John So Raises Some FlagsPhoto:

This Saturday marks the 173rd anniversary of the city of Melbourne. Melbourne Day sets up opportunities for people to experience all that Melbourne has to offer on the cheap. There are various free events during the day including John So raising the flag of Melbourne, a rifle volley, and some live bands. The best thing about Melbourne Day though is the discounts on many attractions around Melbourne. If you haven’t seen the Eureka Tower, here is your chance to see it for half price (Buy 1 Get 1 Free).

Other deals:

FREE ENTRY – Enterprize, Melbourne’s Tallest Ship

2 FOR 1 ENTRY – City Museum at Old Treasury Melbourne

2 FOR 1 ENTRY – Champions – Australian Racing Museum


Melbourne Day Discounts

Melbourne Day

London, the Sporting Capital of the World


You shouldn’t miss out on this infamous speech made by London Mayor Boris Johnson at the London 2012 Hand-Over party after the end of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It’s incredibly funny, and made me wonder why Melbourne doesn’t have a Mayor Johnson-equivalent. Our bro John So’s alright, but let’s face it he probably needs a translator for us to understand him haha!

Melburnians take note: London is the Sporting Capital of the World. Or so says Mayor Johnson. What do you think?

And for all those who don’t get the ‘XXX is coming home’ bit, it’s a take on England’s ‘Football’s Coming Home’ song. The English football team is crap, yet we hear it every time England plays.

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